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Standing Displays

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Response and Quote In 24 Hours

How fast is our sales team’s lead response time?We response all inquiris within 1 hour,and quote in 24 hours.  


Factory Price In China

All standing displays are made in our Shanghai factory.

Standing Displays

Customize Standing Displays

We accept custom standing displays, including customized colors, graphics, LOGO, etc. Displays are used to display products, improve brand image, and promote sales. We will prepare the proposals if the clients suggest us the requests on their displays.

Standing Displays

Small Orders Are Acceptable

Small orders for standing displays are welcome. We always pay high attention to all our clients’ request. 


Free 3D Mockup for approval in 24 hours

Shanghai Shiquan designers are good at CAD, 3D max,SolidWorks. and can easily prepare a mockup,turn your ideas into a mockup,too. Tell us your ideas about standing displays.

container loaded

Stable and on-time delivery

On Time Delivery or OTD refers to a key performance indicator measuring the rate of finished product and deliveries made in time. 

A Strong In House Quality Strong Team​

A Strong In House Quality Strong Team

Your standing displays will be carefully inspected from very beginning.Pre-production inspection, Mid-production inspection, Inspection before shipment.and Everything to make sure that your goods are in perfect condition. 

Standing Displays

Distributed to 90 countries worldwide

We have very rich export experience and have exported to more than 90 countries. One-stop service from design and production to door-to-door delivery.

Standing Displays

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Customize Standing Displays

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Standing Displays:The Ultimate FAQ Guide

All information you’re looking for about Standing displays is right here.

Whether you want to know the standing displays, how to design or cost or ship to your door, your answer is right here.

Read this guide to learn how to make importing standing displays from China easy and simple.

What Is Standing Displays ?

A standing display is an advertising and merchandising tool that has a direct impact on product sales.

From a functional point of view, the standing displays should focus on consumers’ desire to purchase goods and should attract attention, interest, desire, memory and a series of mental activities. 

In addition to colors, text, graphics and other interior design elements, the standing displays also reflects the use of POP advertising functions. 

Must meet the requirements of product display to convey information and product sales function, and the product must have a personal style and structural design.

The important features of the standing display are as follows: appearance, sturdy structure, free assembly, quick disassembly and convenient transportation.

Why Do You Need Standing Displays In Retail ?

In the retail field, how difficult it is to win customers.

Different brands in stores usually have similar prices and products.

To stand out, you need to change your presentation.

Fortunately, you can use custom standing displays to improve business operations.

The standing displays has the following 5 main advantages:

1. Enhance Your Company Brand

Custom standing displays can promote your products in new ways.

Even if your product runs out, the standing displays can be there. Always strengthen your company’s brand.

Imagine that it will put your brand in the ideal market leader 24/7 and never complain about it.

2. Customize Standing Displays

The standing displays can be made of many different materials.

The customized standing displays makes customers sensitive to your products, and the store welcomes them.

Of course, you can also change the graphics and color according to the promotion season.

Imagine being able to find the perfect standing displays to attract the attention of target customers.

Finally, the size and shape can be changed to suit your product and location.

3. Increase Revenue

Revenue growth is important to any business.

and retail standing displays can affect the way people buy. POPAI (International Purchasing Association) stated that more than 70% of products are purchased in stores. 

Being in a better position in physical retail stores is very important, even if online sales are increasing now. 

Where people can actually walk in, view and buy your products.

This can make full use of your resources.

4. Customer Convenice

Convenience has always become more and more important in the corporate world. 

Those who can provide customers with easy-to-buy opportunities will have better market opportunities.

Therefore, with the help of a customized standing display, you can provide your ideal target customers with the factors they are looking for.

And when buying is more convenient for customers, they will buy.

5. Reducing Costs

Reducing costs is one of the most important factors in all businesses.

Fortunately, standing displays are one of the lowest cost and most profitable parts of your business.

Imagine if you have to pay a colleague to stand all day long and provide documentation and images of the product.

This will cost a fortune, but there are no retail standing displays.

In the space you are in, you don’t always beat your opponents.

In addition, do not miss the opportunity to convert customers, otherwise it will have an adverse effect on your brand.

Through retail standing displays, it will bring new power to your business sales.

It will keep profits flowing to the present and the future.

What are the considerations when choosing a standing display idea?

To be honest

There are many factored that will determine whether to choose standing displays design idea “A” and not “B”.

Here are important factors to consider when choosing standing displays design idea:

Standing Displays Materials

There are many types of standing displays, but the materials are different.

There are many types of display stands, but the materials are different.

Generally, the materials used to make the display stand are wood, stainless steel, iron, glass, and the recently popular acrylic materials.

So, what material is the display stand made of?

Let’s introduce some display stands made of materials, so that everyone can understand.

1. Wood standing displays

The advantage is high-end, which can produce various design effects.

In addition, the price of the materials used to make the display cabinets is relatively expensive and the materials are heavier.

The product is not portable, it is heavy and cannot be disassembled

2. Stainless steel standing displays

The advantages are resistance to deformation, high hardness, no rust, and a mirror effect after polishing.

The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to make abstract graphic effects, fingerprints are easier to obtain, and it must be cleaned frequently.

Often used to make high-end showcases and crafts.

3. Metal standing displays

The advantage is that the materials are cheap, and standing displays of various shapes can be made.

The cost performance is relatively high, and different thickness materials are selected according to the load-bearing capacity.

The surface is sprayed with plastic, and various colors and pictures can be customized.

Combined with other materials, different styles of standing displays can be made.

4. Glass standing displays

The advantage is that the material is cheap and transparent.

The disadvantage is that the material is heavy and fragile and not easy to transport.

5. Acrylic standing displays

The advantage is that it has a transparent crystal effect,Relative to the external weather, it has outstanding weather resistance. 

It has a certain degree of durability, strong resistance to deformation, such as deformation or shrinkage. 

The disadvantage is that the material is heavy, fragile and expensive.

However, all these will depend on your budget.

How is that possible?

Budget for standing displays design ideas

Depending on your products, you can go for simple standing displays designs that require fewer materials and input during production.

Or, you can use expensive material and complicated designs.

You can make standing displays from dozens to hundreds of dollars.

As a rule of thumb, you should choose a standing displays design idea depending on your brand needs.

That way, you will get one that meets your budget.

Alternatively, simply contact the standing displays manufacturer.

For sure, you’ll get an accurate estimate.

With all these in mind, let’s move to what you’ve been waiting for – standing displays design ideas.

Standing Displays Ideas - What Is Your Best Option?

Let me take you through some of the available standing displays ideas in the market.

This can help you decide on what standing displays ideas you can settle on.

1. Freestanding Displays

Free Standing Display

These types of display devices are the most common because they have various shapes, colors and even designs.

It is independent and can be moved to any location in the store.

This is especially important when setting up a store.

It can be made of different materials including iron, stainless steel, wood or plastic.

Choose materials according to the load-bearing requirements and durability of the product to control costs.

The choice of material depends on the load-bearing requirements of the product. 

Therefore, it is necessary to communicate this detail with the manufacturer before making the freestanding displays.

It is one of the most popular standing displays designs we have.

2. Dump Bins

Dump Bins

Dump bins are actually standing displays in stores that usually contain individually packaged products.

They can be easily transported and set up on site.

It can be displayed independently and strategically placed from various angles, which is a major advantage of the display stand.

It is an ideal choice for overstocked and discounted products, and can quickly sell products at discounted prices.

The dump bins allows you to develop creativity and serve the brand image.

When you want to display multiple types of products in your sales at the same time, please choose a dump bin.

3. Gondola Displays

Gondola Displays

Gondola displays are especially popular in grocery and pharmacy stores due to their ability to hold different-sized items.

These are one to four sided displays with adjustable shelves.

While they are made from metal, there are numerous options for brands to promote their products through graphics, scenery, and attractive color graphics.

 The gondola displays frames are made of steel and can carry heavy goods.

4. Display Case

Display Case

The showcase is a standalone showcase with glass or transparent plastic windows all around it.

It can prevent the most valuable products from directly contacting shoppers.

In order to gain access to the product, the shopper may have to contact the store salesperson who will retrieve the product from the man-machine interface.

Due to their security, high-end items that are easily stolen often enter these displays.

5. End Cap Displays

End Cap Displays

The end cap displays placed at the end of the gondola displays on both sides is an end cover display stand.

The shopper will notice the end cap displays when he moves from one aisle to another.

The end cap also provides you with a prime location that attracts the eye.

The position shown on the end cap displays provides you with an advantage over your competitors.

The end cap displays device is a sturdy heavy-duty retail shelf option that can handle heavy goods and can hold a variety of products.

6. Grid Wall Displays

Standing Displays

Grid wall displays are light and easily customized. Move shelving around and attach hooks to suit your store. 

Grid wall displays feature wire panels, which can accommodate a variety of hooks and different shelf options. 

Since they are easily customizable, they are a perfect choice for a trader with limited space. 

Grid walls are easy to clean and don’t attract dust in the same way as some other types of display units.

7. Pegboards

pegboard Displays

The pegboard is very suitable for small items and highly flexible.

You can easily move the hooks, shelves and trash cans to create the required space size.

They are made of metal and have rows of evenly spaced holes for connecting hooks and other storage accessories.

They pair very well with other types of displays.

8. Corner Shelving

Corner Displays

These shelves are basically located in the corners of the room.

They are set up in a smart way to maximize spaces that are otherwise difficult to access.

The corner shelving can be installed in solid wood, laminated wood, plastic and steel.

You will create shelf space that could otherwise be wasted and provide you with more shelf options when displaying goods in the store.

How To Customize standing displays In China?

China is the world’s factory. How to find a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer to make your personalized standing displays is one of the very important steps in your business.

How do you customized standing displays in China?

The guide will help you to get started:

1. Find Manufacturers in China

  • Local Trade Show

The trade show is an exhibition where manufacturers display their products and services to attract new customers and exchanges.

Trade shows are a good place for buyers and manufacturers to communicate directly.

Appear before the Internet, trade shows is the main way manufacturers and distributors to build relationships and do business.

Today, the trade fair is still the seller to meet with the manufacturer to view their products and build lasting business relationships in a great way.

By visiting local trade fairs, you are more likely to experience a local manufacturer, which in the logistics and transport would be very helpful.

  • The Search Engine

This is a good place to source suppliers and manufacturers. As long as you choose the right keywords, you can find the products you need.

Different suppliers can be screened by region. Find the best cost-effective supplier.

No matter what industry you are in, you will definitely find a suitable manufacturer on the Internet.

The biggest advantage is that you can find the right supplier at the lowest cost without having to fly to China in person.

2. Customize attrative standing displays

Full-time designer

If your company has a full-time designer, you can design a standing display. You know your needs best.

There is no professional full-time designer in your company

If your design budget is limited, you can find a part-time designer on or, which can save a lot of design costs. 

Display companies Designer

Some display companies also have professional designers who know the structure of display stands and have designed. You only need to communicate with them about your brand, and they can design the best display stand for you based on understanding the brand.

The search engine

In most cases use the terms “standing displays”, “floor displays” or “display stands”. Your search results using these terms will display all possible displays. That will help you to choose some designs.

3. Get Quote From Manufacturer 

When you find the right suppliers, it’s time to contact them. The biggest problem that you will encounter is, “How much?”

However, before you rush to send a quotation request to the supplier, please plan what you want to say and the questions you need to ask.

  • Dimension Request for the standing displays
  • Material Requests for the standing displays
  • What is your MOQ?
  • What is your sample cost?
  • What is your mass production pricing?
  • What is your mass production pricing term ?
  • What is your leadtime?
  • What is your payment terms?
  • What is your validity?

That will help you to get right quote. and custom your own standing displays.

How To Import standing displays From China?


This is a step-by-step guide. Let’s take a look at how to import from China and how to make the process more smooth and effective.

1. Import Rights

You become an importer when you buy goods from abroad. 

But before purchasing goods from other country as a business or individual, you need to determine whether you have the right to import.

2. Make sure that the goods you wish to import are allowed to enter your country.

Different countries have different contraband products. Some do not allow imports of goods. 

Also, make sure you plan to import goods is subject to any government permission, limitations or restrictions and regulations. 

Otherwise, some unnecessary risks and expenses will be generated.

3. Find your supplier in China and orders.

Place an order with a supplier or exporter and determine the price terms to be used.

The price terms usually have the following:

EXW: This term is EX Works (… named place) in English, that is, factory delivery (… named place). It refers to the seller’s responsibility to deliver the prepared goods to the buyer at its location, namely the workshop, factory, warehouse, etc.

FOB: The English abbreviation of Free on Board, which means delivery on board at the port of shipment. The seller shall be responsible for handling export customs clearance procedures, and deliver the goods to the ship designated by the buyer at the port of shipment and within the time limit specified in the contract.

CIF: It is the English abbreviation of “Cost Insurance and Freight”, and its Chinese meaning is “Cost Plus Insurance and Freight”. The seller is responsible for chartering and booking space according to the usual conditions and paying the freight to the port of destination and insurance premiums.

DDU: Seller is responsible for safely transport all goods to the designated destination,paying all shipping costs,bearing all risks in the transportation of goods.

After selecting the supplier, please request P/I. Your P/I must show price, price terms,weight, package size, and delivery.

Ocean shipping is indeed very slow. Generally speaking, we recommend that you place an order at least 3 months in advance.

We recommend NOT:

1. Always look for the lowest price.

The lowest price is always accompanied by high risks, such as quality, quantity or reputation.

Just find reliable suppliers and grow up healthy with them.

2. Don’t trust your supplier.

International trade starts with mutual trust. If you don’t trust the supplier, no one will take care of your production in the factory, nor will you sincerely help you in case of trouble.

4. Book shipping space for your cargo

First of all, confirm the volume and weight of your product with the factory so that you can get the correct freight quotation from the forwarder.

In order to fully understand the transportation cost, each of the container fees, packaging fees, and terminal handling fees should be considered.

After you are satisfied with the freight quotation, you need to send the supplier’s contact information to logistics. They took it from there.

5. Book shipping space for your cargo

First of all, confirm the volume and weight of your product with the factory so that you can get the correct freight quotation from the forwarder.

In order to fully understand the transportation cost, each of the container fees, packaging fees, and terminal handling fees should be considered.

After you are satisfied with the freight quotation, you need to send the supplier’s contact information to logistics. They took it from there.

6. Prepare for arrival

It takes about 14-30 days for goods shipped from China to arrive abroad on average.

Normally, the destination agent will notify the consignee through arrival notice within 5 days or less of arrival at the port.

The customs clearance documents are:

The BL lists the items to be imported.

The commercial invoice lists the country of origin, purchase price and tariff classification of imported goods.

The packing list that imported goods in detail.

Arrival notice provided by the freight forwarder.

7. Receive your cargo

After the goods arrive, please arrange your customs broker to clear customs. If all goes well, you have the right to pick up the goods.

If you choose DDU price term, you only need to wait for your shipment to arrive at the address you specify.

How To Work With Us?

1. The Sales Department receives your enquiry.

2. The Structural Graphic Department and drafts the structure that best suits your products and the art design of the display you provide.

3. Your design will be sent to the Structural Design Department for the production of a mock-up sample. In order to make a perfect mock-up sample and save time, we suggest our customers to send full set of products to our China factory for mock-up sample making.

4. After the mock-up sample is completed, our Quality Control Department will perform the general tests for you.

5. The mock-up sample will be sent to you for dimension approval and structure approval.

6. Once we gained your approval, a purchase order will be issued and the Production Department will begin the production.

7. The Production Control Department will allot the jobs to different departments within the Production Department.

8. After the production is completed, the products will be final tested by the Quality Control Department to ensure our displays fit your products and guarantee the safety for you.

9. Our Logistic Department will then arrange and deliver the products to destinations on schedule.


What Currency Do We Accept?

USD,EURO and so on. but we prefer USD.

Contact with us for details.

How Long Is Our Quotation Valid To Customer?

The quote will be valid within 30 days after the issue usually. and confirm with us firslty. 

What Is The Estimate Lead Time?

Usually 30 days. After receiving the wire transfer payment or down payment, we start production. Generally, we do not keep inventory except for your stable forecast.

SQ Display will do its best to minimize lost time and shorten delivery time. The final delivery time depends on your order size and material supply status. The lead time is calculated only on the day the order is loaded into our production site, not the date shown on the purchase order.

What Are The Shipping Terms?


FOB Shanghai



After Getting The Quotation,Where Can I Place My Order?

Quote Bg

In order to speed up order processing, please include the following information in the purchase order:

-Company name

-Contact name

-Company address

-Contact number

-Destination address

– International Express account (DHL, FedEx, UPS- if any)

-Quotation number (if any)

If I Email a Sales Inquiry,When Can I Get A Reply?

Our professional salesman will contact you within 24 hours.

Quotation for conventional standing displays within 24 hours

Customized standing displays, after communicating the details clearly, the design drawing will be produced within 24 hours, and the quotation will be made within 8 hours after confirmation.

What If The Order Has Been Cancelled?

This situation basically never happened.

If we cannot obtain the required raw materials, cannot meet the specific delivery time or due to any other problems in the production process, we have the right to refund and cancel the order as the case may be.

What's The Package Of Standing Displays?

Thanks for your attention to SQ display! 

We must not only pay attention to product quality, but also packaging to ensure safe transportation and meet your requirements! 

Please see below, you can learn about our standing displays packaging for delivery.

1. Inner Package

Wrapping Film
Wrapping film
Bubble Chamber Film
Bubble Chamber Film

2. Outer Package

Outer Carton Package
Carton box


Five layers corrugated paper. It’s durable and suitable for transportation

Others: Could be customized

2.Capability of the outer cartons 

1 pcs/carton

Others: Could be customized

3.Shipping mark 

Purpose: Pasted on the carton to list the product and shipping information.

The format of mark: showing the product information is similar with inner label.


What's The Quality Control Of Standing Displays?

Photos and videos of finished standing displays will be provided before shipment.

Independent quality control team with 5 inspectors.

Accept third-party certificates and factory audits. Accept third-party quality control.

What's The Requests For Logo And Artworks Of Standing Displays?

We provide logo and artwork design services!

If you would like to supply artworks by yourself, please follow below items, thanks.

1.Artwork Format:

We prefer vector Illustrator artwork AI EPS PDF

-All fonts are converted to curves/outlines

-All colors and images are CMYK

-All link pictures are embedded

-All print files are within safe artwork area

-All refer color is CMYK or Pantone Solid Coated

If you do not have them, please send us PSD, TIFF, JPEG, PNG

-esolution more than 300 dpi and clear enough in print size.

-With bleed as template

-All colors and images are CMYK

-All print files are within safe artwork area

-All refer color is CMYK or Pantone Solid Coated and please mark them on artwork (Otherwise we will print as computer display color here)

2.Color Format—– Only CMYK Files:

If the files you send to us are RGB files, they will be automatically converted to CMYK-this conversion is not recommended because many colors may not output the desired result

Generally, when converting RGB yellow to CMYK, it may be converted with a certain percentage of cyan in the CMYK mix, making it look pale yellow.

We are not responsible for the results of such documents.


All fonts must be converted to the curves/outlines of the provided fonts. 

If you do not comply, we cannot guarantee the results. If the artwork we did not provide uses the same font, the text can be restored to a standard font or the text can be completely deformed.


Please use the template we sent you to ensure the effect.


What Is Silkscreen Printing?

Silk Printing
Silkscreen printing

Screen printing is abbreviated as silk screen, which is a kind of stencil printing. 

The silk screen is used to make the printing plate, and the ink can pass through part of the mesh on the printing plate and leak onto the substrate during printing. 

Screen printing is the most widely used one in stencil printing.

Screen printing is an ancient printing method. 

The photochemical plate making method is more commonly used in modern times. With the screen as the support, the screen is tightened on the screen frame, and then photosensitive glue is coated on the net to form a photosensitive plate film, and then the positive image base plate is tightly attached to the plate film for printing. After exposure, development, and printing The part of the plate that does not need to be inked is exposed to light to form a solidified plate film, which seals the mesh and does not penetrate the ink during printing; the mesh of the part to be inked on the printing plate is not closed, and the ink penetrates during printing and is on the substrate Ink marks are formed. Pour the ink on one end of the screen printing plate during printing. The ink will not leak through the mesh on the substrate without external force. When a squeegee is used to scrape the ink at a certain inclination and pressure At this time, the ink is transferred to the substrate under the screen through the screen to achieve image reproduction.

Features of screen printing:

1) Wide range of substrates

2) The screen printing ink is thick, colorful, rich in texture, and strong in three-dimensionality.

3) Has good light resistance

4) Large printing area

5) Convenient plate making, diversified printing materials and low price.

6) Long product shelf life

Application of screen printing:

In recent years, screen printing has been widely used in advertising printing with its unique advantages.

1. Printing various large outdoor advertisements. (Posters, banners, signs, billboards, etc.)

2. Printing of various forms of point-of-sale advertisements in specialty stores and retail stores. (Portrait signs, hanging scrolls, banners, refrigerator stickers, etc.)

3. Production of various advertising materials and gifts. (Various billboards, display stands, etc. used for promotional activities)

4. Printing of various hard materials. (Advertising printing on KT board, Chevron board, organic board and other materials)

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder Coated
Power Coated

Use electrostatic spraying equipment to spray powder coating on the surface of the workpiece.

Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece to form a powdery coating; the powdery coating is baked and leveled at high temperature to become the final coating with different effects (different effects of powder coatings) ; The spraying effect is better than the spraying process in terms of mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, etc., and the cost is also lower than the spray paint of the same effect.

Electrostatic spraying process and related equipment and raw materials for each process

1. Pre-treatment process: degreasing, rust removal, phosphating, passivation.

After the workpiece is processed, not only is there no oil, rust, or dust on the surface, but also a uniform and rough gray phosphate film that is not easy to rust is formed on the original silver-white shiny surface. Focus on.

Related equipment and raw materials: pretreatment tank (concrete tank or plastic welding tank); related chemicals: sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, soda ash (Na2CO3), acid degreasing agent, phosphating solution, passivation solution.

2. Electrostatic spraying process: Electrostatic powder spraying: The surface of the workpiece is evenly sprayed with a layer of plastic powder using the principle of electrostatic adsorption, and the fallen plastic powder is recycled through the recycling system and can be reused after sieving.

Related equipment and raw materials:

① One or more electrostatic spraying machines (electrostatic powder spraying machines)

②Spray booth with powder recovery function (single station or double station)

③Plastic powder (raw material for spraying, also known as powder coating).

3. High temperature curing process:

Push the sprayed workpiece into the curing furnace, heat it to a predetermined temperature (generally 185°C), and keep it warm for the corresponding time (15 minutes); open the furnace and take it out and cool it to get the finished product.

Related equipment and raw materials: curing furnace (parameters that need to be automatically controlled: temperature, holding time).

Heating method of curing furnace: electric heating, oil heating or gas heating.

4. Decorative treatment process:

The treatment process adopted to make the electrostatic sprayed workpiece achieve a certain appearance effect, such as various wood grains (can be achieved by choosing different plastic powders).

How About Your Sample Policy For Standing Displays?

We focus on customizing standing displays, so most of our displays are exclusively designed for customers.

If you need to customize the standing display sample, after you confirm the sample order, we will charge 2.5 times the unit price. Once your order reaches our MOQ, these fees can be refunded to you.

If you need an existing model, and we happen to have inventory of the sample, we will charge an equal price to the unit price. If the price is less than $40, we will waive the sample fee.

The cost of international express delivery will be on your account.

What Is Your Usual Payment Terms?

Our payment terms:

1. 50% deposit in advance, balance against the BL copy.

2. L/C at sight.

3. Sample cost payment 100% in advance.

Is There Any Warranty For Your Products?

Yes, you will enjoy a 2-year limited warranty for all our standing displays. Please find our warranty policy below.

Shanghai Shiquan Display Products Co., Ltd. provides warranty for defects in materials or workmanship of the following products:

1. Within two years from the date of shipment from China, we will replace the defective parts on the product for free. The customer is responsible for transportation and handling.

2. This limited warranty applies to all components of the product.

3. This limited warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, negligence or normal wear and tear.



Ready to see your vision come to life? Give me an inquiry and in about 30 minutes I can get enough details to get your designs started.

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