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Maximize Your Profit With Retail Store Displays

Maximize Your Profit With Retail Store Displays
maximize your profit with retail store displays

Do you know that 83% of the information processed by the mind results from sight? 

For retail store owners, this means opportunity. 

Whenever we hear or discuss the term “visual merchandise,” the first thing pops up in our mind is retail store displays. 

This miraculous, convenient to use inventory may not seem impressive, but it certainly makes a considerable difference when it comes to generating sales. 

Do you know how retail store displays can be used to boost sales?

You need to know that a customer decides whether to shop or not, usually within the first 10 seconds as he enters a retail store. 

For a retail store owner like you, this means both opportunity and responsibility. 

The first impression of a shopper as he enters your store would decide the fate, and you can improve them by glorifying your store with effective use of the retail store displays.

Without much exaggeration and delay, let’s get into the details of retail store displays and their visual merchandise role. 

What Are Retail Store Displays?

retail store displays
what are retail store displays

Retail store displays are units that confine the products in any store. 

These come in numerous shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties. 

Retail store displays may be in the form of shelves, bins, mannequins, pods, or any other units depending upon the need of the brand and the store. 

These are used to store and display different brands’ products and usually carry the logo or other brand indication. 

Retail store owners and brands love retail store displays because of their unique ability to reduce display space, attract customers, and market brands simultaneously. 

Doesn’t that seem appealing? Continue reading further and get to know visual merchandising insights and how you can use retail store displays to ensure a productive business and amplified sales.

Types Of Retail Store Dispalys

retail store displays
types of retail store dispalys

Before we discuss the different insights of arranging and visualizing displays to lure in customers, it is essential to understand some of the most common types of retail store businesses used worldwide. 

I have gathered a comprehensive list for your convenience. Still, it’s far from being complete since retail store displays are always open to customization and can be crafted in various ways.


retail store displays
freestanding displays

Freestanding retail store displays are one of the most commonly used types and can vary depending upon the brand or the store’s requirement. 

In general, you may define freestanding displays like those that offer a 360-degree complete view to the customers. 

They are usually designed from cardboard. 

The name of the brand is crafted on the top and the sides of the display. 

You may usually find them as separate standing shelves in a store, but they are not limited to a single shape only. 

Moreover, freestanding retail store displays are also customized, and hooks are added to place the products. However, it is dependant on the type of product.


entryway displays
entryway displays

Do you know that a store’s appearance from outside also affects the number of customers it attracts? 

You might have seen many stores that have placed small, catchy displays at the entrance of their stores, but you would have probably overlooked their importance. 

Let me tell you that these entryway displays are what influence buyers to enter a store. 

It’s more of an embellishment that seeks the customers’ attention and compels them to visit the store. But what if your store lacks these retail store displays? 

Your competitors would take the lead with entryway retail store displays, maximizing potential customers. 

So, if you are worried about a low customer turnover, then entryway displays are a must-try option if your store is located in an area where the weather won’t cause any serious trouble to them.


retail store displays
display cases

Using retail store displays is excellent! 

But many store owners may seem concerned about the expensive products, including jewelry and ornaments. E

ven though every store owner wants to facilitate his customers and increase sales, he also needs to ensure delicate products’ safety. 

Do you consider yourself in a somewhat similar situation? Well, congratulations, using cases as retail store displays are the solution to all your worries.

Retail store display cases are more of racks, and they are covered from the top and the sides to ensure protection and distance from the customer. 

The cover is usually designed from plastic or glass, depending upon the requirement of the case. 

You can rest in harmony since this display would showcase all your ornaments and jewelry. 

These retail store display cases would also prevent the customers from having a hands-on experience on the products until they contact you.


retail store displays
banner stands

Banner stands can be undoubtedly claimed as the most inexpensive retail store displays that retailers can use to add value to their store. 

These displays are standalone, and unlike other collections that include products on them, they are just printed banners that provide information about a particular brand found in the store. 

Fortunately, banner stands are open to customization and creativity, and one can create them in different sizes, colors. 

Text depending upon the need or analyzing what’s best for their store. Something that makes banner stands unique is their portability. 

They are lighter in weight and can be quickly moved from one place to the other. 

So. If you are looking for inexpensive retail store displays, do not forget banner stands.

end cap displays
end cap displays

Another type of retail store display is the end-cap display. 

These displays can be regarded as more of shelves, with particular areas for adding products. 

Like the freestanding retail store displays, end cap displays also provide an extensive view to the customers. 

However, this view cannot be viewed from a 360-degree angle. 

End-cap displays are more common on the sides, where customers turn from one section of the store to another. 

They are the perfect combo; i.e., they are used for branding, reducing the storage space, and attracting buyers all at the same time.


retail store displays
shelf talkers

Even though hand-tags (shelf talkers) may seem to be tiny useless display, they are ideal retail store displays used for branding. 

Small hand-tags popping out from the shelves are enough to attract the customer and read the incarnation on them. 

Whether it be promotions, upcoming sales, or exclusive discounts, shelf talkers take the lead. 

People can quickly get to know about discounts and sales, and while they do so, they take an interest in the products and the brand. 

So, as a retailer, you should use retail store displays like hand-tags to lure customers.

An important consideration for the shelf talkers is that they need to be designed in a color, shape, and text style that closely matches the product brand.


garment racks
garment racks

One of the primary and oldest types of retail store displays are garment racks. 

Exclusive to garments, these retail store displays are usually found in a single design. 

Although the design and the shape can be changed from vertical shelves to circular ones, most brand owners try to keep up with the trend.

Depending upon the clothing, these retail store displays may include hooks to hang the clothes. 

By hanging, it doesn’t mean that you can randomly throw the clothes on the racks. 

The clothes can be organized based on their sizes or colors into different sections that make them presentable and convenient to shop.


retail store display tables
retail store display tables

Are you stuck in many retail store displays and are unable to decide what’s best for your store? 

In the retail store displays, and more significantly in the store’s clothing and jewelry sections, retail store display tables can be the game-changer. 

There are merely decorated tables that serve the purpose of an elegant retail store display. 

The reason why one should choose them is their visibility, access, and price. 

Retail store display tables are very cheap to buy and easy to decorate. 

Moreover, you can decorate them according to the weather, sale season, or correlation with the brand.

Moreover, they facilitate the shoppers since they can see them from a farther distance, and the products displayed on these retail store display tables are easily accessible.


retail store displays

If you are one of those retail store owners who settle at nothing less than perfect, then mannequins are the must-have retail store displays in your store inventory. 

They provide a visual embodiment of the products and provide a more explicit demonstration of the products in use.

You can display the best or the latest products for your brand on mannequins. Surveys indicate that customers take hardly 10 seconds to decide whether to shop or not as soon as they enter a store. 

Under these conditions, mannequins have known to be the most effective type of retail store displays that impulse the buyer to look into the brand products and make a purchase.


retail store displays
window displays

As the name indicates, window displays are retail store displays that exhibit the products in a window. 

These displays may or may not include dummies, and they are usually placed in windows near the store entrance. 

Shoppers can easily have a view of the products and decide whether to shop or not. 

Therefore, retail store displays in store windows can be beneficial for you and convenient for the shopper. 

Make sure to include mannequins as well if you are a garment or jewelry store owner.

In addition to window displays, windows can be used as a display themselves. 

You can use the store windows near the entrance to attract customers with catchy phrases, sales update text, or by writing a text about new product arrivals. 

Regardless of what you decide to register, bold, visible text written on the windows can be the game-changer. 

They can provide an insight into the store before a shopper even enters the store. 

So if you are a retail store owner, making the proper use of windows and adding the right text onto them could be a wise act.



You might have seen the two-sided retail store displays in many shopping stores with products hanging on them. 

Don’t they seem appealing? 

Such kinds of retail store displays are called gondola displays. 

While they provide a double-sided view for the customer and covering more visual space, they also reduce the storage space.

Gondola retail store displays are usually produced from pegboards, and they have metal hooks to hold the products. 

The build is not much complicated; however, these retail store displays can be customized by embellishing the brand logo, trademarks, and unique colors that add to their visual beauty and make them desirable and attractive.

Improve Your Existing Retail Store Displays

improve your existing retail store displays
improve your existing retail store displays

You would have heard that “change is the essence of life.” the same is true for retail store displays when you come into the world of shopping. 

As a store owner, you must realize that your customers or potential customers want to see something new and catchy every time they visit your store. 

Moreover, it would help if you traveled that extra mile to innovate your retail store displays and lure customers. 

I have shortlisted some practices that you may follow to renovate your existing retail store displays to make them useful. 

Following the steps mentioned below would amplify your sales, as retail store displays have over 50% impact in generating sales.

1. Light Up Your Displays

retail store displays
light up your displays

Being a store owner, you must know that the more you facilitate the shopper, the more you generate sales. 

But you must be wondering that how can you encourage your customers to ensure better sales?

The answer is simple! 

Just focus on your retail store displays so that the customer sees your products from far as well. 

One of the best methods to opt for is lighting. You can use lights as embellishments and attention grabbers for the premium collection of the products. 

It has been analyzed that most shoppers are attracted to such products that are showcased in lightings. 

So, what are you waiting for? Modify your retail store displays today, and wait for the customers.

2. Make Your Prices Visible

make your prices visible
make your prices visible

As much as retail store displays engage the customers, they are always eager to know its prices. 

Every customer comes with a shopping budget in his mind, and this is where you can help them. 

Whatever retail store display you use, make sure to add the price cards for individual products or a price range when there are several kinds of products on the retail store display. 

Adopting this small act wherever you use retail store displays will be highly beneficial for the buyer, and we all know that the more you facilitate a buyer, the brighter are the chances that he will purchase your product.

3. Avoid Stuffing

One of the greatest mistakes store owners make while displaying products on the retail store displays is stuffing. 

I have seen many concerned retail store owners, who are skeptical and feel helpless when they complain that retail store displays did not generate many sales.

We have heard from the earliest of times that the overflow of anything marks a negative impression. 

The same goes for retail store displays. While displaying products, please bear in mind that you only need to show specific articles and not all of them. 

The retail store displays are meant to catch the customer’s attention instead of serving as a storage inventory. 

Regardless of the retail store display you use, keep it clean and straightforward.

4. Unleash The Power Of Cross Merchandising

unleash the power of cross merchandising
unleash the power of cross merchandising

Cross merchandising simply means arranging the products in sets of groups, and as effortless and straightforward as this mechanism sounds, it is highly satisfying for the customers. 

For instance, if your store offers chocolates of different brands, you may want to display other brands separately in sets (cross-merchandising). 

In this way, your customers would know where to find the chocolates of a particular brand. 

Apart from facilitating the customer, surveys conclude that cross-merchandising on retail store displays is always known to be neat and presentable to almost every viewer’s eye.

5 Keep Your Displays Updated

No doubt retail store displays are an excellent method to utilize space and display products elegantly to attract visitors. 

But, did you ever think that customers about the returning customers that visit your store more often? 

Change is crucial to success, and if you don’t modify your retail store displays, your customers will eventually begin to lose attraction to your store sooner or later.

The best tactic to cope with such situations is to keep your retail store displays updated. 

By updating, I don’t mean that you should change your retail store displays regularly. 

You can modify the existing retail store displays by changing the color combinations, the products on display, and the displays’ position. 

Changing the position of the display won’t cost you a fortune, neither will the color combinations. 

Most importantly, you need to change the products on the retail store displays. 

You may change the product colors, styles, and sizes on display so that every time a customer walks into your store, they always find something new.

6. Always Be Relevant

There is a long list of retail store displays, and each of them has its benefits. But the question pops up that which one is the perfect one for you? 

As a store owner, you need to realize that different retail store displays are designed for different kinds of products. 

You cannot use a vegetable rack to display jewelry. Similarly, you would not want to hang vegetables on gondola retail store displays. 

Therefore, it is your liability to choose the best retail store display that not only matches your storage space but is also a perfect match for the products to be displayed.

7. Keep An Eye On Maintenance

You’ve done your homework on the retail store displays, you managed to get them assorted and loaded with products, and everything seems perfect! 

Do you believe your job is done? 

Like everything in the universe, these retail store displays demand maintenance. 

The paint job on them may fade, or the metal of the metallic displays may rust. 

The plastic retail store displays are vulnerable to cracks and breakage.

If not looked at properly, these conditions would eventually leave a wrong impression on your store’s goodwill, where people would feel less confident if they find damaged or miserable retail store displays. 

Therefore, to meet your shoppers’ expectations, you need to keenly have a look at your retail store displays regularly and carry out the necessary maintenance processes as and when required. 

This would not only improve customer satisfaction but would also increase your credibility as a retail store owner.


we have your retail store displays solution

Being a store owner is hectic. You need to put your time, effort, and money into the retail store business. 

Although the business has a great scope, as they say, that great power comes with a never-ending responsibility; therefore, you need to keep up with the pace and continuously keep your retail store and the retail store displays updated.

The simplest way to succeed is to plan first. You need to do the numbers, calculate your budget, and analyze your store space, products, and everything else. 

Once you are done with calculations, you need to select the retail store displays you need and decide the retail store’s materials. 

You can choose between metal, wood, plastic, or aluminum depending upon your needs and keeping in mind your budget. 

Finally, when you have your retail store displays, now is the time to shine bright by displaying the products. 

Assemble the products neatly on all racks, and place all the stands on perfect points to be easily seen and approached by the shopper. 

If you have followed all of the necessary instructions and have made the right choice with the retail store displays, you would soon see a considerable difference in the sales.


Ready to see your vision come to life? Give me an inquiry and in about 30 minutes I can get enough details to get your designs started.

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