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Product Display Stands: The Futuristic Approach To A Better Business

Every small business owner needs an advertisement to grow and increase sales. 

The new business gets the most promotion done by displaying ads, putting up posters, reaching out to social media influencers, hosting events, using print advertising, and distributing flyers. 

Small business ventures that cannot splurge a lot on advertising can easily afford to put their products on product display stands. 

And the fact that what attracts the passersby near any business place is its product display stands. 

Product display stands bring out the uniqueness of each business and become the most attention-grabbing commodity. 

But first, let’s get to know all about the product display stands.

Product Display Stands:An Introduction

Product Display Stands Retail

Product display stands are an advertising and merchandising apparatus that has a direct influence on product sales. 

Art Pieces, books, and statues may also have product display stands to hold items securely for viewing.

Product display stands are the holy grail of a customer’s first impression. First impressions of potential customers and maintaining acceptable standards for current buyers can be important in the measure of any business to succeed. 

A good display makes a good impression on window shoppers and turns them into prospective clients. 

Product display must draw attention to the product and be versatile and adapt for other products in the future. 

There are many uses of product display stands. 

Keep on reading to know how you can use this marketing strategy for a booming business.

What Sort Of Products We See On Product Display Stands?

We usually see product display stands in supermarkets, libraries, art galleries, retail stores, banks, companies, organizations, malls, and everywhere. 

So, if you’re interested in what these product display stands carry in these locations, then keep on reading. 

Product display stands that we find in supermarkets are usually there to ensure that the consumer becomes aware of the product and can find it easily. 

Therefore, the product display stands in supermarkets use bold colors with the company and the product’s name on them to grab buyers’ attention. 

Almost all the products have their product display stand in supermarkets. For instance, you must have seen that the kitchen appliances aisle has a brochure stand to make it easy for the client to get the product’s necessary know-how. 

Moreover, the grocery aisle has its promotional items or sale items on product display to make the customer tempted to put it in his cart. 

On the other hand, libraries and bookstores also use product displays to keep brochures, index, and even the newly released books or best sellers on display. 

Banks use the product display similarly to keep their handouts, and informational pamphlets on them and sometimes for the marketing of their new interest rate offers. 

Likewise, we also see product display stands in hospitals and clinics with handouts displayed on them carrying important information regarding vaccination, hygiene, and common illnesses. 

This makes this product display stands even a source of spreading awareness in the masses. 

Retail stores benefit the most from product display stands because such product display stands turn into a significant source of attention by the passerby and the consumers. 

We can say that the product display stands force the consumer to stop and take a look at the product, which could eventually lead to purchase. 

Companies and organizations use product display stands, similarly, they put handouts, magazines, and even research papers on display for everyone. 

This helps create an ambiance too. Like in a publishing company, product display stands could hold clipping or memoir of their work from the start and till date.

So if you’re still wondering whether you need product display stands for your business, then the answer is yes. 

It would certainly be best to have a product display because it is essential to create the required ambiance, publicity, and sales. 

Please continue reading for a more profound knowledge of how it might be the best marketing tool out there.

Why Do You Need Marketing Tools Like Product Display Stands?

Product Display Stands Retail 2

In my opinion, there is a five central focus ideology of product display stands.

● For attracting customers

● To replace a salesperson.

● To augment the corporate image.

● For notifying buyers of new product

● To notify consumers of promotions. 

Let’s dig in a little deep as to how product display stands work this way.

Product display stands can attract customers.

Any new product arranged on the product display stands incite the buyer to stop by the shop and take a look. 

It’s human nature to get allured by the pop of colors and the aesthetic of the products placed on display. 

Statistics say that 1 out of every ten window shoppers gets tempted and ends up buying the product that looks pretty on display. 

Therefore, product display stands not only to dazzle the customer but also to generate revenues.

Product display stands can replace a salesperson.

Imagine a person solely hired to give out flyers and handouts; won’t it waste employees’ potential and business’ budget? 

Product display stands with bold colors, pretty patterns, attractive shapes, accurate and striking advertising language can create a healthy sales atmosphere, draw consumers’ attention, and make purchase urge. 

This will hike up sales and help businesses save money that contributes to an employee’s salary. 

Product display stands can augment the corporate image.

A corporate image is the most important thing for its success. 

Most of the products sell because of the corporate’s face value and its name. 

Like any other marketing tool, product display stands can play a significant role in founding and escalating the corporate image in the sales environment, thereby maintaining a good relationship with clients. 

Product display stands are a crucial part of corporate visual identity. 

Retail companies can make store logos, familiar characters, standard colors, corporate image patterns, promotional slogans, slogans, etc., into various forms of product display stands to create a unique corporate image.

Product display stands can notify buyers of new products.

How do people get to know about new products usually? 

Either by seeing the product somewhere or hearing about it from other sources. Here, product display stands come in handy. 

Many product display stands are advertisements for new products that are just launched. 

When new products are sold, in affiliation with other marketing tools, product display stands for sales promotion at the sales location can draw customers’ attention and stimulate their impulse to buy the goods.

Product display stands can notify consumers of promotions.

Every holiday, be it Christmas, thanksgiving, or new year, each store out there puts on its mega sales and discounts. 

These are indeed the best tactics to generate maximum revenue, but the one thing that keeps buyers informed about these huge discount sales is the advertisement. 

The people who love to lurk in the market to satisfy their shopaholic cravings get to know about such sales utilizing product display stands. 

The decorative nature of these stands bring out the holiday mood and make purchasers splurge on things that attract them.

Wondering How Many Types Of Product Display Stands Are There?

Some of the most used types of product display stands are:

● Brochure stands

● Display boards

● Pull-ups

● Pop-ups

● Exhibition podiums

● Cable and rods

● Poster display

● Standalone pop display

Brief know-how about these types is as follows:

1. Brochure stands

These are convenient and helpful options for retail stores. 

They are a brilliant choice for making pamphlets or literature for prospective buyers to skim through.

2. Display boards

These are easy solutions that help spotlight specific products, posters, or product information. 

The content gets attached to the board using pins since this makes it easy to renew and replace outdated information. 

These are majorly used in the education sector to display information relating to top students.

3. Pull-ups

These are some pocket-friendly and lightweight solutions that are good for organizations such as hospitals, art galleries, companies, or even NGOs that regularly host exhibitions and conferences. 

Pull-ups display one’s required content virtually and can conveniently be pulled up and collapse into a portable casing, making it easy to transport and reusable.

4. Pop-ups

As suggestive of the name, such types of displays usually pop up. 

Such displays are befitting for conferences and trade shows to give an appealing backdrop during demonstrations and talks. 

Some extravagant pop-ups include flats screen tv sets that elevate the whole presentation.

5. Exhibition Podiums

The primary use of such product display stands is majorly in media events to deliver speeches. 

One can choose to mark the company slogan, tagline, logo, or name on the podium when presenting or giving an address. 

It also serves as a perfect resting place for presentation notes, laptops, mic, and water bottles.

6. Cable and rod

This type of display is suitable for window advertising done by estate agents, restaurants, and other such businesses. 

This type of display is designed in a double-sided manner that makes them more adaptable and shows intended information to potential customers both inside and outside one’s shop.

7. Poster displays

Such product display stands mainly hold leaflets and posters on retail shops, magazine stalls, and exhibitions. 

Poster displays typically come in various sizes and shapes that one can customize to their own need. 

Some companies even sell such custom-made product display stands as Custom Pop Display etc.

How many different types of product display stands that we see in a retail shop?

Retail Display Stands

For example, standalone pop display and shelving displays.

Standalone pop product display stands are the type of product display stands that we encounter in the middle of a large store. 

They play an essential role in the visual merchandising of the brand. Standalone product display stands are of various types too.


• Dump bins

Such type of product display stands aren’t too far from their name. 

Many stores carry small products that are usually too cute to ignore, making them buy them on impulse. 

A significant advantage of dump bins is that they are standalone product display stands that can be placed strategically where it grabs the buyer’s attention, and dump bins are usually made of cardboard material. 

Hence, they are also pocket-friendly and customizable, making them an excellent tool for visual marketing.


• Freestanding displays

These are the type of product display stands that are not too far from the ease and accessibility of a dump bin, albeit they are much more elegant and aesthetic than a dump bin. 

You must have seen such product display stands carrying shampoo’s, lotions, and skincare items on them. 

Freestanding product display stands are also standalone types making it easy to be placed in a convenient space; plus, they are usually made of metal making it customizable. 


• Entryway display

The best aspect of standalone product display stands is their freedom of placement. 

Such product display stands can be placed on the entryway making the customer interested in the rest of the store and also increase the overall purchase by impulse shoppers.


• Gondola display

Now that’s a confusing term! 

Well, gondolas are two-sided product display stands that we encounter in a more open storage area. 

They have adjustable product display stands, making them customizable to display diverse types of products on them. 

Although relatively pricier because they are mostly made of steel frames and more robust material since most stores use them for a more extended period, this price issue isn’t that big deal; instead, it is a good investment.


• Display cases

Jewelry stores usually use such product display stands. 

Display cases are the most appropriate for viewing fragile and delicate things like jewelry and watches.


• Window displays

Window product display stands to bring the customer inside. 

A good window display urges the patron’s need to have that particular item, leaving an impact.


• Glorifier

A Glorifier, as the name indicated, is a sort of display stand that glorifies the product. 

It is used primarily as a backdrop for beverages, sauces, jewelry, skincare products, etc. 

It creates an impact because a glorifier can be modified in several ways. 

It could be made of any material from cardboard to Glass, depending on the value of the product.


Other standalone product displays stand like the banner display, aisle display stands, countertop display, etc.


• Retail shelving displays

Retail shelving displays are shelving units or racks that are used to display and stock merchandise. 

They are constructed with freestanding steel brackets to which adjustable shelves are appended, often with a robust load-bearing capacity. 

Taking the shelving technique and adding some ideas on how to up your display game can change sales and marketing. 

Retail shelving displays like standalone ones also have various types like the end-cap product display stands, that are usually placed at the end of the aisle, making it easy for the shopper to locate the product. 

It also gives the product a competitive advantage; products put on end cap display statistically end up getting purchased easily, sidekick display units are designed to efficiently use the space. 

They are designed to be placed in the highest-trafficked area of the store to increase sales. 

Also, there are shelf stoppers, which helps in increasing the overall ambiance of the shelf.

So, you are finally convinced of the idea that product display stands aren’t a waste of money and worth using? 

Let’s hop into the next section, where we will discuss which product display stand to build, keeping in mind your business needs!


How Can You Choose The Perfect Material For Your Product Display Stands?

product display stands

The power of marketing through product display stands cannot be emphasized enough, but it is imperative that one also pays attention to the product’s material. 

Here are some of the essential details you need to factor in when choosing the right material for one’s product display stands:


1. Be mindful of your allotted budget

As a business owner, one undoubtedly wants their display stand to be a high-end product produced from the best material with striking visuals and eye-catchy print. 

However, it is necessary to stick to a fixed budget while also keeping in mind the retail price of the product which one is offering. 

Because it certainly makes no economic sense to spend a considerable sum of money to buy extravagant product display stands to promote a product that comes with minimal profit margins.


2. Be mindful of the duration of usage

After deciding to go for product display stands as a marketing device, it is also imperative to consider the course of time one expects to use. 

Suppose the period of usage of product display stands is temporary, like for discounts or products offered for a limited period. 

In that case, the product display should stand made out of inexpensive material, which can be recycled once it has served its purpose.

On the other hand, if one intends to use the product display stands for an extended period, it would be logical to go for a durable material that can last years and years. 

One may have to pay a hefty amount for highly durable product display stands. But materials like wood or metal last longer and will be a wise investment in the long run.


3. Keep it Relevant to the product

When selecting the right material for product display stands, ensure that the product goes with the display stand. 

For example, if one is running a tech shop, make sure that the display is cool with a touch screen and interactive feature to allure the consumer enough to lead to a successful purchase. 

Nobody wants to see a high-end product on a cheap display, and putting a low-cost product on a high-end display will only bring down the business profit.

Product display stands come in a wide variety of materials to meet the needs of every retailer. 

If you wonder which material to use for your product display stands, you have various options to select from, including cardboard, wood, metal, plastic, and acrylic.

Display stands that are made out of cardboard are typically the cheapest, but at the same time, they are less durable than other materials. 

Product display stands out of paper to allow you to print handouts, coupons, flyers, and other take-home materials for customers. Similarly, cardboard product display stands are ideal for temporary use. 

For instance, if you are promoting a surplus stock sale, many companies can customize them like the Custom Pop Display. 

Product display stands designed from metal and plastic are highly durable and can be used for years. 

They are also comparatively cheaper to procure, which ultimately makes them the ideal choice if you desire a display stand that can last for a considerable amount of time without having to spend insane amounts of money. 

Metals usually used to make product display stands are Aluminum, brass, copper, and steel. 

On the other hand, wood and acrylic display stands are usually very pricey and top of the line in terms of quality. 

The wood product display stands are strong and sturdy and add a touch of class. 

It is usually used for high-end displays, with beverages being typically displayed well, while collections made of acrylics are convenient to polish and have a quality feel. 

Cons include brittleness and ease of breaking. Suitable for displays that customers do not interact with much. 

Glass is also used as a product display stand material; it usually is used to display featured items.



Product display stands, in my opinion, are the best invention ever. They aren’t only innovative but also a great marketing tool for any business. 

Product display stands are a marketing method, but they also help organize stores and make the ambiance of the whole shop. 

Product display stands bring in customers, increase the footprints of one’s store, help in-store publicity, and generate good revenue. 

Product display stands in various materials to choose their desired option, be it a pocket-friendly one or a more upper-class option like wood, steel, or Glass. 

Also, product display stands come in different designs, bringing out the whole brand face and creating its mood. 

All in all, product display stands are a useful publicity tool and a great invention.

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