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We, at Shanghai ShiQuan, are just the right fit got your product display stand suppliers giving you high value, high return, and display stands that are ready to be delivered. 

We Are One Of Best Product Display Stand Suppliers In China

Product Display Stand

Floor Display Stand

Dimension: L750×W450×H1850mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,acrylic sheet. Feature: Colorful printing. 

metal display stands

Dimension: L900×W500×H2150mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Adjustable shelf

pos display

POS Display Stand

Dimension: L750×W450×H2150mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Five shelves

toothbrush display rack

Point Of Sale Display Stand

Dimension: L600×W400×H1850mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Adjustable shelf with hookds

display stand for stores

Product Display Stand

Dimension: L800×W400×H1800mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,acrylic sheetFeature: fashion design

Creative Displays

Retail Display Stand

Dimension: L900×W500×H1750mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,wheels. Feature: wheels, heavy duty

Custom Display Stand That Help You Sell More

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ShiQuan Display Is One Of Professional Product Display Stand Suppliers In China

We are in the display stand industry for a long time, 2010, to be exact. We have made millions of clients satisfied with our excellent quality display stands. 

We give a great amount of focus on manufacturing and designing reliable display stands and we have specialized in manufacturing material combination display stands. 

Our company of product display stand suppliers consists of a big team of highly experienced engineers and experts that are over five years experienced in designing the toughest and the challenging stands.

Our engineers of product display stand suppliers also have the know-how of the latest tools and techniques that make the best stands.  They are splendid operators at advanced design software like 3D Max, CAD, Solidworks, etc., and are also experienced in real production.

This is why our team of engineers design the best display stands at extremely low prices. Order today if this is something you’re interested in!

More Display Stand

Browse our website to find the display stand type that will help you meet your goals. 

Types of Display Stands

As we’re the best top quality product display stand suppliers, our workers give all their time to producing the most efficient display stands, in the following types. 

  • Metal Display Stand

The metal display stands that we are making are made of genuine authentic, high-quality metals that have a long life and strong base.

  • Wood Display Stand

Wood displays are best suited for cold, mountainous areas or with a cold-themed store. Being the product display stand suppliers, our wood display stands are one of a kind made with the highest quality wood to give the best results. 

  • Plastic Display Stand

Light-weighted, small and affordable, our plastic display stands are the best display stands to offer such a low price.

  • Acrylic Display Stand

The acrylic stands we produce are of the finest quality and extremely stylish, to go with all your furniture. 

  • Cardboard Display Stand

We deal in the best cardboard display stands as we are product display stand suppliers, our products are not just genuine but also extremely fine. 

  • Stainless Display Stand

The fact that we are the best product display stand suppliers in Chine, makes our stainless display stand a best seller as they last much longer, are tougher and heavy. 

  • Combined Display Stand

You can also order a customized combined display stand that suits you and your needs at best. Order yours today!

How We Work With You

Our experts pay great attention to your needs and deliver them to you as you asked.

Then our designers work on the sketches of your products.

Our product display stand suppliers then calculate how much it would cost you to get the product.

We deliver the stand sample in 3-10 days.

You will check the sample and tell us what you think and so, as the best product display stand suppliers, we will modify it to match your liking.

When you have given us the signal of yes, we begin the production.

Our quality control department then checks the quality of each part of your product.

Your product will be delivered to you at the soonest after it is completed.

Why Should You Choose Our Chinese Product Display Stand Suppliers?

Our quality of products is such that isn’t found anywhere in China. We make the best stands for you at the most affordable rates. Here’s why our Chinese product display stand suppliers’ brand is the right choice for you:

  • Affordable Production Rates:

We deliver at extremely low prices, due to the low pricing of products in China. 

  • Increased Capacity of Production

China produces products in a larger number due to its higher population, hence your products are produced relatively quicker and delivered faster.

  • Quality and Quantity: 

We being product display stand suppliers, have our priorities of quality and quantity right. The raw material used in Chinese products can effortlessly meet the quality standard set by your country’s government.

  • Flexible Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 

Most of the Chinese companies will allow you to order a minimum quantity of products, to keep you within your budget if you want a lesser quantity of products.

  • Reduce Risk: 

We connect with the product display stand suppliers, hence the chance of risk is very low. 

  • Easy Shipping: 

China is a very fast option for your deliveries because of the extent of its trade and shipping with other countries.

With all these benefits in trading, Chinese product display stand suppliers are the best option to consider while you look for the best quality product display stand suppliers.

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