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POP Display-A Definitive Guide

What Is Pop Display
What Is Pop Display

Over the years, the types of advertisements have changed, whether it is through digital means or physical advertisements. 

The POP displays have stood their ground, and they are ubiquitous in recent times. 

You must have seen brochures and posters outside a shop which were enough for branding, and they are still used these days, but as the competition increased among brands, so did the marketing needs. 

People came up with newer and better ideas. The POP displays are the top ones among them.  

You will see them in malls, outside retail stores as merchandise, and other attractive displays. It is placed with the main focus on engaging with the customers.

If you are not familiar with what they are, their types, and general things about POP displays, you are in the right place. 

Here I will be giving you a complete overview of POP displays. Without further ado, let’s move on with it.

What is POP Display?

POP display stands for point of purchase display. 

It can be in the form of printed banners, stand displays, or digital displays that are aimed to attract customers. It is the customer’s in-store marketing. 

Once a customer is in the store, these POP displays are then made to attract the customer to make their store purchase decisions. 

It can have different offers, some catchy information about the product; to anything you feel will make the customer buy your product once they are in the store. 

How Does POP Display Work?

How Does Pop Display Work
How Does Pop Display Work

The vendors and manufacturers distribute the POP displays to the retail stores, and they place it even in their stores. 

The retailers place that display or merchandise in their store with that specific product, which will attract the customers when they pass by that product in the shop, and it is most likely that they will stop by to see what it is and buy it. 

They have been traditionally placed at the cash counter. With the evolution in the types, there has been an evolution in how they are placed. 

The main focus is still that where they will catch the customers’ attention in the store. 

Types of POP Displays:

Point of purchase (POP) displays are in many sizes and shapes with very diverse uses. 

There used to be that primary sticker POP display in the past, but they have been evolved a lot lately. 

Let us look at a few of the common types of POP displays. 

1. Vendor Shops

The most intricate type of POP display is the vendor shop. It is, in simple words, a shop within a shop. 

The retail store owner puts up merchandise and a counter separate from all other products and shelves. 

The shelves for that product and that brand are separately placed at a corner in the store with its vendor, usually a man from the company. 

The merch is elaborately made for that product, and it will catch the customers’ attention. 

Such POP displays are put up when there is any special offer going on by the brand.

2. Dump Bins

You must have seen large dump bins which are very creatively made of the brand’s images. 

Such POP display dump bins are for candies or other small snacks like that. 

The dump bins are usually made of cardboard or plastic, and they are filled with individual items of that product. 

The best example would be chocolates or candies in them. 

They are placed in the front of rows where other products are lined. They attract children and usually. 

Another benefit of customized dump bins is that they are easy for the distributor to ship them. 

3. End-Cap Displays

End-cap displays are more like freestanding displays, but the only difference is that they are not standalone displays. 

They are placed by the end of aisles. It is where two racks meet, and their ending point has this end-cap display. 

You can make this display fully customized where you will have a large poster of your brand and a few products on the POP display shelves. 

The location where they are placed is very appropriate because it will catch the attention when the shopper moves down the aisle to take any other product from the racks. 

4. Gondola Displays

Gondola displays are the displays in the form of shelves. 

They are usually metal rod shelves that have adjustable units. They are customized with the brand and product names, and it is placed in more open areas of stores. 

These POP displays are usually having a small amount but all merch in them, and you can find more of that product at some other part of the store. 

It is placed to show the brand’s products and let the customers know that the products are available in the store.

5. Freestanding Displays

Freestanding displays are more like dump bins, but they are more prominent, and they have the products more organized in them. 

They are standalone, so made of hardboard, and they rotate 360 degrees. 

You can turn them, and they have their customized branding all over it with their products placed on the shelves or hung by hooks. 

The products are slightly larger, placed neatly on the shelves, but they are also placed in lesser quantities.

6. Banner Stands

One of the oldest POP displays is the banner stands. 

They are the most traditional and easiest way to attract customer attention. They are lightweight, easy to put up, not too expensive, and always catch the attention. 

When you are placing banner stands, make sure you don’t stuff them with information or colors. Just a primary catchy line and the product image and name are enough. 

The colors used should not be too tacky and not too dull. Banner stands usually have offers written on them, and they are placed in the shop entrance where most people will read them. 

7. Display Cases

Display cases might seem that they are not specifically a POP display, but they are considered a POP display type. 

Display cases are usually a clear plastic or glass case which has the product inside it. The customers cannot directly access the product independently; they have to ask the shopkeeper to access that. 

It usually has expensive items like jewelry and perfumes in it with some aesthetic display case that will the product look more attractive and enhances the attractiveness of the product. 

The jewelry pieces are placed like these with something that represents the thought behind that jewelry piece. 

The customers like it because it is quite thoughtful, and it shows the effort and thought process behind that product. 

8. Digital Displays

Digital POP displays are projector screens or touch screens. 

You can play your ad on that projector. The touch screens have your products being displayed on them, and you can make it even more interactive with the audience where they can customize the product through that. 

The projector displays are usually outside the store, where they can see them even passing by the store or entering the store. 

Everything is being digitalized, so why not POP displays. They have been introduced recently, and they have been doing great with the audience. 

Reason Behind Putting Up POP Displays

Reason Behind Putting Up Pop Displ

When you are putting up a POP display, you should know the reason behind that. It should most likely be some occasion or special offer because this is usually the primary purpose behind it. 

It can be a buy one, get one free offer, occasional or holiday discount, some introduction of a new product. 

When you have a specific reason more than a mere advertisement, it will attract more customers, and they might look forward to you putting up another one in the future.

The Audience for POP Displays

pop display
The Audience For Pop Displays

The targeted audience for POP displays is general users and customers, but you need to make sure that the displays follow the audience it reaches. 

In a retail store or grocery store, where more people come to buy things in bulk, a POP display that shows an offer that benefits from buying more products is appropriate. 

In the convenience stores where people come to buy one or two things, you can put up POP displays at the counter and encourage at least buying one of your brand’s items. 

Similarly, you can talk to the shopkeeper about the type of customers and their buying behavior generally. 

The Right Place to Put Up Your POP Displays

Now that we have talked about the audience, let us talk about the right place to put your POP displays. 

If the POP display is put up in a retail or grocery store, you will have many places to put them. 

You can put them at the entrance, even along the aisles, beside the counter, or even opposed to it. In a big retail store, there is enough space for you to put them. 

Just make sure that your POP display should not block the way, and people should be able to move around quickly. 

Also, your POP display should pop up among all other collections. So if there are too many displays already in a place, don’t put up your POP displays there. People might not notice it. 

In a convenience store, people might not go through the aisles, so there it is better that you put up POP displays in front of the store or by the cash counter. 

Overall, a thumb rule is that never stuff too many POP displays in one place, a place where people might not see it and where it might block the way. 

How to Increase Your Sales By POP Displays?

pop display

POP displays are for sure to increase your sales, but there are a few tactics that can help you amp up your game in POP displays and your brands’ sales. 

Some of those are discussed as follows:

1. Use Imagery

Using images that people can relate to will surely catch the audience’s attention. If you target older men, display such pictures in your POP display that older men can click to. 

As for kids’ products, you can use images of the trending cartoons that children will relate to, and it will catch their attention. 

Using Imagery with a strong message is very useful. 

2. Go for Unusual Shape

Usually, people have displays of those conventional round and rectangular shapes. 

You can always experiment with the form, and as unusual as the shape, the chances of people attracted to them would be much more significant. 

If you are putting up a POP display for a chocolate brand, you can put up a display of the shape of the chocolate bar, and similarly, if it is for a juice, a POP display of the body of the juice bottle will look unique. 

Let your creativity get the best of you when deciding the layout and shape.

3. Make It Interactive

If you interact with the audience uniquely, I can guarantee you that at least 80 to 90 percent of the people will stop by to see how it is working. 

A touch screen POP display where you have a quiz in which people can see which product your brand will suit them will be handy. 

Skincare brands put up such interactive quizzes to see which product will work with their skin type.

4. Put Free Testers

Better validation of a product is when the audience tries it for themselves. 

If you are to sell some beauty products, put testers so the potential customers can test them for free how they are. 

Also, if you are introducing any product, put up some free samples so that people can try it and then purchase it. 

Free samples should be enough for just one testing. 

5. Use animation

Another great use of digital POP display is showing the tutorials or just merely the product in action. 

Such videos grab people’s attention, and it is even easier for them to know about any product’s working. 

If you are to sell a product that is not very common or its working is a bit occult. So you can use animation or other such means to show it.

6. Change the POP Display Places

If you have placed the same POP display someplace, it will become more of a useless object after some time because it will lose its attraction. 

If you are wondering that it will become useless after that, it is certainly not the case. You can place it in some other retail store. 

Another thing to keep in mind here is that if you have gondolas or shelves where products are displayed along with the display ad, you have to restock them regularly because a POP display with no products looks very unprofessional. 

7. The Right Lighting

What is the use of a POP display placed in the prime location but doesn’t have the right lighting on it? No one will notice it. 

So when you are putting up your POP display, make sure you have the right lights, and it is visible from afar so that people can see it. 

If your POP display is neon, then make sure there isn’t too much light on it because it will be hard on the yes to see it. 

Benefits of Using POP Displays

POP displays are the easiest and the best way you can market your products. Some of the benefits of putting up POP displays are as follows:

• They are cheaper to put up, and you can easily take them down and make another out of them. 

• POP displays catch attention quickly.

• They are available in numerous sizes so that you can experiment with them all the time. 

• POP displays will provide you more facings, increasing the chance that people might consider buying your product.

Which Material Is Used to Make POP Displays?

POP displays are the easiest and the best way you can market your products. Some of the benefits of putting up POP displays are as follows:

• They are cheaper to put up, and you can easily take them down and make another out of them. 

• POP displays catch attention quickly.

• They are available in numerous sizes so that you can experiment with them all the time. 

• POP displays will provide you more facings, increasing the chance that people might consider buying your product.

How Much Do They Cost?

If you plan to put up a POP display, the cost of making a POP display might concern you. Many factors are dependent on it. 

The POP display’s size, shape, colors, the material used to make it, custom designing, the type of POP display, and many other small factors add up to create the POP display price. However, keeping all these factors in view, the POP displays are not very expensive even then. 

One POP display can cost you between $25 and $150. The price compared to how much they amplify your sales is very reasonable.

Difference Between POP and POS Displays

POS displays are what are often confused with POP displays. POS displays can somewhat come in the category of POP displays, but they are very different. POS stands for point of sale display. 

These displays are mainly focused on the customers who might impulsively change their buying decision when at the cash counter or register. 

POS displays are put up near the register in the form of confectionary boxes, a refrigerator by the cash counter, a magazine stand, or things like that. 

They also influence sales, but they are not mainly there with a point of promotion. You can take it as a daily life example. 

You went to buy something, and you saw a soft drink by the register, and you thought of buying it, considering how hot it is outside. 

So you can say that POP displays are mainly put up to promote the sale, and POS displays are for the buyer to make an impulse decision to buy that product. 

Best Practices by People Who Have Put Up POP Displays and Loved It

Before we conclude it, let me tell you some stories and reviews of people who have put POP displays and liked them. A first-hand experience will help you understand better.

• No matter if you put up gondolas or banner POP displays, they will all pay you back for your investment and in a multi-fold amount.

• Before you are to put a display, make sure you talk to the retailer about the space in that store and the customers there to make one according to that. 

• Your POP display should reach your goal and strategy, so never be intimidated by other POP displays in that store.

• POP displays will automatically increase the facings for your product, so make sure to make it as catchy as possible to increase sales.  


Advertising and marketing have newer techniques each day, and if you want to keep up with the market’s pace, you should be aware of the latest advertising tips and practice them. 

As with the POP displays, it is quite an old method, but it is renewed now and then. People are making the most of their creativity to bring up something new to it. 

POP displays have many types, shapes, and sizes. You should opt for the one which best represents your products and suits your requirements. 

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that the POP displays should be according to the right audience of that place and the POP display location according to the retail store. 

I hope now you have all the information regarding the POP displays, and soon you will be getting one for your brand’s products. 


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