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A Trusted POP Display Manufacturer

If you seek reliability, durability and quality in a budget, Shanghai Shiquan is your ultimate stop for premium pop display stands. 

The Top POP Display Manufacturer In China

Product Display Stand

Floor Display Stand

Dimension: L750×W450×H1850mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,acrylic sheet. Feature: Colorful printing. 

metal display stands

Dimension: L900×W500×H2150mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Adjustable shelf

pos display

POS Display Stand

Dimension: L750×W450×H2150mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Five shelves

toothbrush display rack

Point Of Sale Display Stand

Dimension: L600×W400×H1850mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Adjustable shelf with hookds

display stand for stores

Product Display Stand

Dimension: L800×W400×H1800mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,acrylic sheetFeature: fashion design

Creative Displays

Retail Display Stand

Dimension: L900×W500×H1750mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,wheels. Feature: wheels, heavy duty

Custom Display Stand That Help You Sell More

Need advice when it comes to the best pop display manufactures?

ShiQuan Display: Your Reliable POP Display Manufacturer In China

We have been in business since 2010 and we are now the best pop stand manufacturers in China, Our focus is to manufacture custom-made displays with various viable materials to produce quality display stands. 

ShiQuan pop display manufacturer have unique designs and our team of engineers are well experienced in this domain. On an average, each of our engineers have 6+ years of experience in the pop display manufacture field.  

Our team of professionals ensure that not only do the pop display manufacture is stylish but is able to perform well in work places too. Our pop display manufacturers keep in mind your brand image, interiors, and ideas while designing a specific pop display stand. 

We understand how much your business means to you, let us help you make it a success with our display stands. Our pop display manufacturers guarantee success with each article while keeping your budget in mind. 

You can email us or give us a call or see what suits your business the best! 

More Display Stand

Browse our website to find the display stand type that will help you meet your goals. 

Shanghai ShiQuan Display Stand

We as pop display manufacturer with many years of experience make sure you get display stands according to your needs.  

Every display stand is designed with attention to details and with the best materials which will help uplift your business. 

  • Metal Display Stand

Metal display stands are available with racks, mesh basket POS and can also be customized as per order. Easy to install, ideal for heavy items like cooking pans. 

  • Wood Display Stand

Made of hardwood and easy to print on via silkscreen or sticker. Wood display stands pass drop tests and are customizable according to your request. These are ideal to display items like coffee jars and bottled items. Racks can be made in plastic or wood as per order. 

  • Plastic Display Stand

We have a variety of plastic stands available with shelf racks designed according to the needs like for displaying motor oil products, lubricants and other items. The stand and racks can be customised according to your product requirement. 

  • Acrylic Display Stand

Our pop display manufacturers mix a unique design with high-quality clear acrylic construction to create an eye-catching P.O.P. acrylic display that will capture your customers’ attention. 

The acrylic display stands will seem smooth and clean if they are protected regularly. Clean acrylic display stands with delicate cloths, light soap, and warm water to ensure their beauty and durability. 

  • Cardboard Display Stand

Recyclable, easy to carry and install, the cardboard display racks contain wire racks as well as customised shelves to place items. Light weight yet strong finish make it idea for marts and stores. Available in all sizes and colours. 

  • Stainless Display Stand

Stainless steel display stands are one of our best selling products! The thickness can be altered on request. Silk logo or stickers can be used to enhance the design, best for retail items and can pass drop test. Customizable and easy to assemble on spot. 

  • Combined Display Stand

Any object that requires space can be shown on our Combined Display Stand at the pop display manufacturers. This type of display stand draws attention to your merchandise. We make samples to your size and thickness specifications, show as many samples as you need, and let you pick the color—our display stand is intended to last.

How We Work With You

As pop display manufacturers, we have the experience and skills which are required to make a stand stand out in the crowd! We Offer the best in China!  

1. Your Need

Our team of professionals cater to your concerns and suggest which display stands can perfectly reflect your business or brand. 

2. Design

Our pop display manufacturer team prepares various designs which incorporate your brand concept and try to sketch out the idea you have in mind for a stand. 

3. Cost Estimation

The cost is estimated and given to you according to your selection of the display stand. 

4. Rapid Prototyping

It takes about 3-10 days to prepare a sample for you and deliver at your doorstep. 

5. Design Optimization 

Once you have received the sample, we will record any customization you need. 

6. Order

Once you have approved the sample, we will be taking your order and our pop display manufacturer get to work to design a master piece for you!  

7. Mass Production

The Production Control Department is basically the pop display manufacturer department, they polish and make the article perfect! 

8. Test & Inspection

Once the stand is designed, it is tested to ensure that it is fully functional according to your needs, 

9. Logistic Operation

Our prompt logistics department ensures on-time delivery and safe shipping at your door step anywhere in the world! 

Why Must You Use POP Display Stands?

As we are the best pop display manufacturer, it’s preferable if you use our P.O.P. display stands to entice customers to focus on your product and purchase them right away. 

The P.O.P. display stands have the additional advantage of providing another area for your items, thus creating a second display. 

We’ve been in the P.O.P. display market since 2010, specializing in custom-made display design and construction. Displaying multi-material combinations is one of our specialties.

The P.O.P. display stand’s at the pop display manufacturers. The ultimate purpose is to grab clients’ attention and increase their basket size while also improving their shopping experience.

What Is The Difference Between A Point Of Purchase (P.O.P.) And A Point Of Sale (P.O.S.)?

Both P.O.P. and P.O.S. relate to the same point — the point at which a transaction and a product are made. 

The point of purchase refers to both the bigger area surrounding the pay station and the short lane that offers tasty chocolates, excellent almonds, and Pringles.

Meanwhile, the proper transaction occurs at the pop display manufacturers point of sale, where things are scanned, bagged, and paid.

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