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A Little Story About Us

Your reliable point of sale display manufacturer in China

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We have been in the point of sale display industry since 2010. Our primary focus is to manufacture custom-made display racks wholesale with our innovative design.   

ShiQuan display is equipped with a highly skillful and innovative design and engineering team.    

All of the engineers and designers have more than 6 years of experience in the industry.   They are experts on various advanced design software in the industry, such as 3D MAX, SOLIDWORKS, CAD, etc. But except for actual production knowledge, those skills are useless. And our designers and engineers are masters of actual production too.   

We know from our experience that functionality is as important as style. So, we focus on both aspects, and our display racks, wholesale, are cost-effective for any business. 

Whether you own a design studio, brand holder, advertising agent, or trader in the P.O.P business, we are always ready to serve your business. 

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More than 1,000 companies from 55 countries trust us, the count is increasing.

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Featured Point of Sale Display Category

We manufacturer an expansive range of dispaly stands. You will find metal,plastic,acrylic,wood options. Welcome OEM & ODM.

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How To Work With Us !

From Concept to Creative! One-stop Solution!

After receiving your inquiry. we will discuss  with you to know what you need. You will get reply in 12 hours.

Concept Design

We will provide an initial conceptual design sketch and rendering. We encourage our clients to begin thinking about a budget at this point. 3 days in concept design.

Prepare Quote

Calculate the cost base on your need and concept design. 24 hours you will get the price.

Rapid Prototyping

once the design and budget have been approved we can begin prototyping. 10 days you will get the prototyping.

Mass Production

After approval of a final prototype, we expertly manufacture your displays. With 13 years of manufacturing experience and extensive in-house industry resources, we streamline the process to give you the best value-engineered POP displays.

Inspections & Shipping

Check everything and give you a professional inspection report. We will arrange for the display to ship to your warehouse door after confirming the inspection report.

Why Choose Us

Leading point of sale display manufacturer with over 13 Yrs Experience. 

One-Stop Display Solution

From concept to design and production in one location, and shipping to your door.

Small MOQ

Factory-direct in-house design production as low as 50 for minimum orders

Free Design

Free OEM/ODM Design

Get Quote In 12 Hours !

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Have questions? Ready to begin? Contact us now to request a custom display stand quote or to get started.

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Ready to see your vision come to life? Give me an inquiry and in about 30 minutes I can get enough details to get your designs started.

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