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The Perfect Guide To Merchandise Displays

What Is Merchandise Display
What Is Merchandise Display

There are a handful of displays, and their nature varies from one another by just a slight difference. 

Regardless of the type of presentation, these displays’ core purpose is to attract customers and marketing. 

What will better option for marketing be merchandising? 

Merchandising can be done in various forms, and one of the best forms of it is merchandise displays. 

Talking about merchandise displays, they are display racks or general retail store displays that are the merchandise of a brand. 

These can be in the form of shelves and also merchandise products placed in the merchandise displays. 

The merchandise displays are not specifically from the retailer’s point of view; instead, they are essential in marketing and advertising a brand and attracting customers within the store. 

I will be giving you a detailed overview of merchandise displays, the types of merchandise displays, and few tips on how you can enhance them to entice customers. 

Types Of Merchandise Displays

Merchandise displays are a crucial element of retail stores. Brands, when promoting their product, consider merchandise displays a very integral part of marketing. 

Though there are various methods, there are many different types of merchandise displays according to where you want to place them in the store. 

Let us have a look at some of the main types of merchandise displays.

1. Slat Walls

Slat walls are one of the most sought-after types of merchandise displays. 

They have slats and rods to hang the merchandise items, and then you can mount them to the wall. 

The rods and arms are quite strong and rigid so that they will last you a long time. You can make it freestanding by attaching a strong base to it, but it is not relatively stable that way, so you cannot put heavier items on it. 

When it is mounted to the wall, you can put up anything as merchandise on the slats or panels of the slat wall merchandise display. 

2. Showcase Displays

Showcase displays are the most critical type of merchandise displays. 

The showcase displays are to attract the most customers. This is the reason they have the essential items in them. 

The main things that you can put in this merchandising display are those that target a specific audience and the most sought-after products rather than the products that are the hero of your brand. 

The merchandise will represent the brand. 

The showcase displays are placed in the retail store’s focal spots, like near the counter and at the entrance of the store. 

3. Grid Walls

Grid wall displays have become common recently, but they are gaining a lot of appreciation and popularity. 

They are best for shoes and apparel merchandising because they have different sections to put items in them. 

The grid walls are not very expensive, and they are easy to assemble. 

You can even customize them according to your usage. 

You can even hang hooks in the grids and sections of it, but there isn’t much need for them. 

The grid walls are easy to clean and even more comfortable to upgrade your merchandising game without doing much. 

4. Pegboards

As you can tell by the name, Pegboard is a cardboard that you might have usually seen. 

This Pegboard for mechanizing displays can be placed horizontally or even vertically. 

The pegboards standalone are not quite good merchandise displays, so they are placed along with other merchandise displays.

The pegboards have small hooks on them where you can hang small items. 

It is usually for delicate items like jewelry and other small merchandise like this. Pegboards are made of hardboard or wood. 

The primary purpose of pegboard merchandise display is to make small merchandise items look aesthetically pleasing when displayed.

5. Found Space Displays

This type of merchandise display does not have a specific name, nor is it a particular type, but this can influence the products’ customer approach. 

As you can tell by the name that found space can be somewhere, you can find some space to put a merchandise product. 

It can be above the shelf, on some other large product, and literally, anywhere you can find a space. 

Put your merchandise over there. Make sure when you are displaying the products, it doesn’t look too stuffed. 

6. Table Displays

The name, table merchandise displays well describe its meaning. 

They are tables that are used to display products and inventory of a brand. 

To make it look more three dimensional from afar, you can make the table two-tiered. Place the merchandise you want to place on it. 

It is like the Pegboard, used to display smaller items or some delicate items on it. 

The merchandise displays can be on tables, but it doesn’t mean that tables are just like those necessary tables you have. 

These tables can be made a bit slanting to display the things on them quickly. 

Moreover, you don’t have to make it from wood as it can be expensive. You can give it a wood finish by laminating it. 

7. POP Displays

POP displays are individually a type of display in itself, but you can use them as merchandise displays. 

They have many styles, and all of them can be used for merchandising products. 

All you have to do is customize it a little more to look like a merchandise display. 

Merchandising a display can be easy as all you have to do is put some more merch and customize everything placed according to the product’s merchandise.  

You can even use them to put free samples and some snacks if this is the niche you are merchandising for. 

8. Storefront Window Displays

These merchandise displays are not specifically for putting in the retail store; instead, they are placed outside the retail store. 

They are used to attract the passers-by who can come inside the store and purchase. 

These merchandise displays should be displayed so that they become a reason for the customer to enter the store. 

This means they have to be more enticing than the other types of merchandise displays which are in-store to attract customers. 

Why Are Merchandise Displays So Important?

retail displays
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Merchandise displays in this time have become very important. 

You can even tell it by the fact that literally, every retail store has merchandise displays in them. 

It is mainly for the brand, but along with the brand, it can also benefit the retailer by increasing sales. It is set up by the mutual alliance of both of them.

Some people have a misconception that merchandise displays are just for small businesses and brands, but the reality is that all brands can set them up for the better of the brand. 

You can say that merchandise displays help in increasing the sales of the small brands. Merchandise displays are useful, and in most forms, they are quite flexible. 

They can come in all sizes so that you can accommodate them anywhere. 

Place them in a retail store, and you will see your sales multiplying for that product. Just make sure you know how to do the merchandising and merchandise displays the right way. 

What Are the Things That You Can Put in A Merchandise Display?

We Have Your Retail Solution
We Have Your Retail Solution

Merchandise display usually has products of any type, and you can place anything in them, but still, there are a certain key aspects that might not fit well there. 

For that, let us look at different categories of things that you can put in merchandise displays and how to place them.

1. Speciality Goods

When traveling, people look for souvenirs and some special items from that country to take back home; such goods are called specialty goods. 

Specialty goods can make you a lot of money, but you need to display them the right way. 

These are also merchandise displays. 

You are attracting foreigners by highlighting your country’s goods, and for that, you have to work hard. 

The people might not be much educated about that place, and you can guide them through the merchandise display. 

People will interact more with it. This is not quite a new method, but people have started working on it recently. 

2. Shopping Products

Generally, when you go to the store to buy clothes, shoes, mobile phones, and such related shopping goods, what is it that you notice? 

At first, you see the display, and how it looks, then you go for quality, and finally, the well-known brands are the target. 

Merchandise displays do the work of making those shopping goods visually appealing. 

When they look good enough to attract the audience, they will automatically choose customers. 

The merchandise displays of shopping goods should mainly focus on the visual appeal first. 

The well-known branding and quality win at the end, but if your product is not physically attractive, people might not even move to check its quality and other stuff. 

3. Impulse Goods

Most people end up buying things on impulse. 

These are the things that shoppers do not naturally decide to buy on their way to retail stores but end up buying. 

You will be mesmerized to know that more than half of the goods bought are impulse purchases.

So the best option for merchandise displays will be impulse goods. 

You can put up a merchandise display and add the merchandise as some products you think people will buy. 

Impulse goods can include snacks, beverages, magazines, and some on the go fast food. 

If you go wrong with it, then it will be of no use. 

The location where you put the merchandise display with impulse goods influences its purchase. 

Make sure it is at a place where it will catch the attention of the shoppers. 

4. Convenience Goods

Convenience goods are the products that we use in our daily lives. 

They can be cooking items, newspapers, cleaning products, and other such things of everyday use. 

These products are least put in the merchandise displays because this is the category of least affected by the merchandising. 

You are going to buy these products either way. 

But if you feel that your cost and demand are not balanced, you can put your product on a merchandise display to increase its market value. 

When it is more visible to the general audience, they will buy it. 

Most Important Elements of Merchandising Displays

Most Important Elements Of Merchandising Displays
Most Important Elements Of Merchandising Displays

Merchandise displays are like the usual displays, but there are a few things that make them merchandise displays, and those elements are what you should not miss on. 

Some of the essential elements are discussed below.

1. Colour and Theme

The color of the merchandise display is crucial. It should not be any dark color or any color that will be visible from afar. 

You have to choose the color of the merchandise display, which is the brand’s color, and the color and theme should represent the product. 

The color should be popping enough to attract people from some distance. 

As for the theme, you can make it as customized according to the products you will display in that merchandise display as much you can. 

If it is some beverage brand, you can make the merchandise display the beverage bottle’s shape. 

It customizes your merchandise display despite the products placed. 

2. Marketing Through Merchandise Displays

Merchandise displays are set up from a marketing point of view. 

You need to keep that in mind and make your product a customer’s priority. 

Select a focal place in the retail store where you are sure that it will catch each customer’s eye. 

The merchandise displays are not like other displays in the store. For them, the marketers have to put in extra effort to attract customers. 

It is just like when marketing, you have reached out to potential customers, so make your merchandise display such that it gives an impression to call the customers. 

3. Display the Most You Can

Sometimes less is indeed more but in the case of merchandise displays, display the most you can without it looking too stuffed. 

You don’t have to put too much of the same product. 

You can even place one item of merchandise but place it with such grandeur that each product becomes the hero of the merchandise display. 

When products are placed in the aisle, customers cannot notice how you can make them see by displaying them. 

You can go wrong here is overstuffing, so make sure to keep it clean and sharp with making the merchandise as prominent as possible. 

4. Tell A Story

Merchandising is a way of marketing, and the right way to do it is that you not only display products the way they are but also explain the purpose behind them. 

You can briefly describe with a chart of signage, a video explanation, or just a few lines written on a board with the merchandise display. 

This will educate the customers about your product, and it will influence their buying decisions. Don’t forget to include in it why the customer should buy your product. 

5. Make the Most of The Empty Space

Merchandise display is not just that you keep products in one defined place. 

You have to make a focal point of the retail store for your merchandise display, but you can randomly utilize the retail store space for merchandise displays. 

Randomly place some products here and there which will represent that merchandise. 

Small empty spaces will look good when stuffed, and your products will get their inventory as well. 

Some Tips to Make Your Merchandise Display Eye Catching

Some Tips To Make Your Merchandise Display Eye Catching
Some Tips To Make Your Merchandise Display Eye Catching

You can never excel if you keep things basic. 

Merchandise display is essential, and it impacts the customers, but to make your effects more impactful than others, you need to add some things to it which will make your merchandise display stand out. 

Let’s discuss some of the essential tips below:

1. Customer Demographics

You can make your merchandise display as catchy as you can, but still, it cannot affect the customers. 

The reason behind it is that you need to keep the customer demographics in mind. 

If you are putting up a merchandise display for men above the age of forty, it has to be sophisticated; for teens and youngsters, it can be too catchy and for the children to keep something that will interest children. 

The bottom line is that the targeted audience decides the type of merchandise display you are putting up. 

2. Neatness Is the Key

You don’t want your merchandise display to be too messy. 

The colors of merchandise display often meddle with the items on it, but you have to make sure keeping it as customized as possible and then making it look neat from the eye of a spectator. 

3. Don’t Overcrowd the Merchandise Display

Some people do not understand the fact that merchandise display should not have too many products on them. 

Just place the ones you think will highlight your brand and the products that are the best ones. 

If there are many items, you can place them anywhere else or switch them with the others but don’t overcrowd it. It will steal the limelight of other products placed. 

4. Pair the Related Products

Be creative when displaying products. 

Go with your intuition and place them as creatively as you can. Merchandise display is not to display each product; instead, you can pair the related products and put them together. 

It will be pleasing and give the customers ideas on how they can pair the products, and they might end up buying both of them. For example, if it is shoes, you can put the socks with them that is your merchandise on the merchandise display. 

5. Pay Attention to Details

The details here refer to the aesthetics of the retail store. 

Your merchandise display should stand out, but it should not look like a downright odd product. 

If the merchandise display has a darker background, it will not be visible from far away, and products don’t look on it. 

Another significant detail is the lighting. The lights should be proper that will accentuate the products well. 

6. Educate Customers

You cannot only promote your product through merchandise display instead educate them about it. 

You can introduce a new trend through your merchandise, and you will see how much rage it creates among the public. 

These small publicity stunts where you are educating the public and marketing on the side are very beneficial. 

If it is clothes merchandise, you can give ideas on accessorizing it with your merchandise accessories.

7. Refresh Displays

If your merchandise displays are kept there with the same items for a long time, they will become less attractive, and at some point, people will not even notice them. 

To keep them everlasting, you should switch between the products placed on them and keep changing the location. 

Not only that, you can refresh the display according to any event or offer that is going on. 

There are many ideas, and you don’t have to put them all in one merchandise display. Keep them for the next time when you will refresh them. 


How To Make Your Product Stand Out In A Retail Environment
How To Make Your Product Stand Out In A Retail Environment

With the competition among brands, you need to better your game at marketing so that your brand stays in the limelight. 

For that, what will be better than merchandise displays? The best thing about them is that you can place them anywhere and they can be of any size. 

But as for marketing, you need to make merchandise displays catchier and a little more customized. 

Overall, this blog, I am sure, covers all the aspects related to merchandise displays, and after reading this, you will know all about merchandise displays.


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