Hand Sanitizer Stand
Hand Sanitizer Stand

The non-touch hand sanitizer stand can provide sanitary measures far exceeding the traditional sanitizer stand.

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Hand Sanitizer Stand

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Hand Sanitizer Stand Ideas: The Complete Guide

With the coronavirus pandemic planning to make a very unwanted comeback, the need for a hand sanitizer stand has never been greater. 

Not only will it be useful for office spaces, but it can also be a huge asset to your home as you interact with foreign objects daily. 

To get you started, we have put together a guide that will give you all the information you need to set up your hand sanitizer stand.

What is a hand sanitizer stand?

What Is A Hand Sanitizer Stand
What Is A Hand Sanitizer Stand

Essentially, this is a vital piece of equipment that functions as a fixed platform where individuals can disinfect their hands at regular intervals before continuing with daily activities.


What are the benefits of a hand sanitizer stand?

A hand sanitizer stand has numerous uses. 

They include but are not limited to the following

Improved Hygiene

A growing number of individuals find it increasingly hard to carry out basic acts of personal hygiene in the home and workplace, e.g., washing hands after carrying out certain activities. 

This has resulted in numerous infections and health complications. With the innovation of the hand sanitizer stand, however, personal hygiene can easily be put into daily routines. 

Additionally, automated dispensers that are being installed frequently prevent the spread of pathogens between co-workers.

Encourages Usability

Hand sanitizers have been unpopular for some reasons. One of these is that manual hand sanitizers are tiring, which has caused a general dislike for the product. 

With the introduction of the hand sanitizer stand, use is increased. This is because many of them are automated, and operation has thus been made easier. 

Additionally, a hand sanitizer stand can easily be accessed once it is placed at a strategic place, so the stress factor of having manual hand sanitizers is eliminated.

It is Enjoyable

The hand sanitizer stand has seen more use in an unusual turn of events due to its recreational value. 

This is in the sense that individuals have attributed its use with good feelings of togetherness and cooperation. 

For this reason, many persons have been known to visit the hand sanitizer stand even when it’s not necessary both at a home and office level. 

This has resulted in high levels of healthy living from efficient sanitization. 

Economically Smart

It is a known fact that hand sanitizers can sometimes be overused. 

This is because they have, for the most part, been used to regulate, and thus the dispensers give out more than is necessary. 

It’s because of situations like this that the hand sanitizer stand was invented. 

In its practical use, the hand sanitizer stand will only dispense a certain amount, and some models can limit use after a certain period to make sure that it’s not abused. 

Additionally, the regulation that is provided by the hand sanitizer stand means that the liquid it contains can be used for an extended period. 

Essentially, sanitizer liquid that may have been used for a single day can now be managed, and if done correctly, it can last up to three days. 

With this development, it’s obvious that the hand sanitizer stand is an instrument of huge economic profit and investment.

Wide Range Of Styles

When choosing equipment to buy for office spaces and the home, buyers have prioritized products that can fit seamlessly into the area’s overall look. 

This need can easily be filled by having a hand sanitizer stand because they come in different styles and models. 

This guarantees that you can find one that would be more suited to your taste and not feel out of place.


An issue that has prevented the successful cultivation of good sanitization habits is regular access. 

This is because no one wants to go through the struggle of finding a place to disinfect their hands before getting certain activities done. 

Alternatively, most individuals would rather progress with their day as is and find a way to cleanse their hands later on. 

This has been resolved by the invention of the hand sanitizer stand, as many manufacturers of the product have begun creating versions that are portable and easy to carry around.

It Eliminates The Need To Have A Contact Point

The use of hand sanitizers that are attached to walls can bring up its issues. 

One of these is that anyone who intends to sanitize their hands has to press the product’s button to function. 

The problem here is that this action is going to be carried out by individuals before they get their hands sanitized. 

This would mean that the area remains contaminated and has the potential of affecting other persons. However, with a hand sanitizer stand, this can be avoided totally, seeing as most models are automated. 

This means you’re just required to place your hand beneath the dispenser, and it will become active accordingly. 

This process thus leaves no room for external contamination.

Easy To Maintain

When dealing with hand sanitizer products, it can sometimes be difficult to carry out maintenance. 

This often relates to the sort that is often attached to the office wall or home to make it easier to use. 

However, the demand for ease of use resulted in neglect in the way of easy maintenance. 

This manifested itself in the difficulty of gaining access to the product’s core parts to rectify any faults.

In response to this issue, the hand sanitizer stand increased in popular use. 

The reason for this was that the design was basic and as such, access to the parts wasn’t an issue. 

This ensures that it can be fixed with little stress and will still function effectively.

The Price To Value Ratio Is Excellent

In terms of market cost, the hand sanitizer stand is higher than other hand sanitizer products. 

However, what sets it apart is the value it gives. 

This is because it is a lot easier to operate, and it lasts longer than other products. 

Considering that, it’s not hard to see why most individuals and corporations opt for the hand sanitizer stand.

Parts Of A Hand Sanitizer Stand

Parts Of A Hand Sanitizer Stand
Parts Of A Hand Sanitizer Stand

A hand sanitizer stand has the advantage of being portable and easy to access. 

These perks are a result of their composition and the way the product is manufactured. 

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the components of a hand sanitizer stand.

The stand

This is the distinct feature of the product as it’s what sets it apart from other dispenser equipment. 

The stand is narrow and light because many manufacturers favor using metal that doesn’t make the hand sanitizer stand difficult to move around.

As an added feature, the stand has a foot-operated pedal. This is an important part of the product because it prevents direct contact with the bottle while operating the hand sanitizer stand.

The dispenser

This is a compartment that houses the bottle that contains the sanitizing liquid.

 It is worth noting that the shape and style of this section may differ. 

This is because the size of the bottle often determines the design choice by the manufacturer. 

Materials Needed To Construct Your Hand Sanitizer Stand

To build your hand sanitizer stand is not as easy as it looks. 

In this guide, we’ve covered the essentials, which involved the parts of a hand sanitizer stand and how to put it all together. 

The components that you need to make a hand sanitizer stand Include the following:

1. Base

In this regard, the dimensions have to be precisely 350 x 210 mm, while the thicknesses should be 3mm. 

In terms of material, the preferred choice is a hot rolled metal sheet. In practical use, the base will bear the machine’s entire weight and provide a steady balance to the stand. 

For this reason, it must be flat so that it can provide enough stability to the entire system. 

Another factor worth considering, in this case, is that the base is going to be in constant contact with the ground. 

This means that it will be prone to corrosion, which will be a huge blow to its durability. 

To prevent this, apply a coat of corrosion-resistant paint to the base. As an extra measure of stability and balance, you can bolt the base to the ground. 

2. Pedal

This is a highlight of the hand sanitizer stand as it is why the product is vital. 

This is because the pedal of the hand sanitizer stand controls the entire mechanism, and when in use, it guarantees that the no contact objective of the hand sanitizer stand is achieved. 

During construction, the width should be 32mm, the height should be 15mm, the length should be 20mm, and the thickness should be 12mm. 

The material to be used should be sturdy and durable, so it is recommended that you go with a cold-rolled close annealed (CRCA) square metal. 

In making sure you have the right pedal for the job, ensure that the pedal can withstand the amount of force applied by the user regardless of the size and weight difference between individuals.

3. Inner Fixed And Outer Movable Pipe

The inner pipe should have a diameter of 19mm, a thickness of 2mm, and a length of precisely 965mm. 

On the other hand, the outer pipe should have a diameter of 25.40 mm, a thickness of 1.5mm, and a length of 910mm. 

As a material choice, use a cold-rolled close annealed (CRCA) tube, which will function as a metal coil. 

In its practical use of the hand sanitizer stand, the inner fixed pipe functions as a support structure for the outer pipe, making it a vital part of the mechanism. 

The outer pipe itself is where the bottom of the sanitizer bottle is connected to. 

It should also be noted that the outer pipe functions in a linear up and down motion. 

Additionally, the fact that the outer pipe moves in a linear motion means that precautions must be taken so that friction will not be formed between the inner pipe and the outer pipe of the hand sanitizer stand. 

For extra measure, corrosive resistant paint must be applied to both pipes. 

3. Sanitizer Bottle Base

For this part of the hand sanitizer stand, the dimensions have to be precisely 100 x 90mm. 

Note that the wall base is bent by forming and is raised to a measurement of 25mm. 

The bottle base’s function is to hold the sanitizer bottle in place, and optimally, it would require the use of a metal sheet for its construction. 

In practical use, the base has to be adjustable by height to fit each individual’s specifics.

4. Top Constraint Part

This part of the hand sanitizer stand is divided into the lower circular part and the extended part. 

The former restricts the motion of the outer movable pipe. The latter constrains the upward motion of the sanitizer bottle. 

In terms of measurement, the lower circular part has to have a diameter of 22mm, a thickness of 5mm, and a length of 25mm. 

On the other hand, the extended part should be 135 x 30 mm in diameter and have a thickness of 3 mm. 

The top constraint part of the hand sanitizer stand should be made with a metal sheet concerning material choice. 

For its features, the lower circular part diameter should approximately be equal to or greater than the length of the outer pipe, thus ensuring the restriction of the pipe’s motion. 

On the other hand, the extended part must be welded to the lower circular base with extremely high accuracy.

5. Springs

The hand sanitizer stand’s springs operate to bring the other pipe back to its original position. 

Its diameter must be 12mm, and its length 35mm. The spring must be made of steel to ensure the hand sanitizer stand is of high quality. 

Note that the spring’s length should be chosen based on the mounting points on the hand sanitizer stand. 

6. Clips

The hand sanitizer stand’s clips are used for the linking of the foot pedal on the stand and the inner fixed pipe. 

In terms of measurement, each clip must have a length of 70mm, a width of 15mm, and a thickness of 2mm. 

For the material, the clips must be made of a cold-rolled close annealed (CRCA) metal sheet. 

To make sure that the clips of the hand sanitizer stand are good, ensure that the final distance between the clips should not be more than the diameter of the movable pipe. 

How To Construct A Hand Sanitizer Stand

Constructing a hand sanitizer stand is not as complicated as most people are led to believe. 

Here is the process to follow to get your hand sanitizer stand

• The first task is to make sure that the base is flat. This is because your hand sanitizer stand will have higher durability if its base is sturdy. This will give it a lot more strength in supporting the entire mechanism.

• Weld the inner pipe to the base

• Use the cold rolled close annealed (CRCA) metal coil to form a socket that will be 16mm in diameter, have a thickness of 1.5mm, and a height of 30mm. This pipe will function as a paddle socket where the paddle will be mounted. Note that this socket has to be welded to the base of the hand sanitizer stand. During construction, the distance between the inner fixed pipe and the pipe functioning as a paddle socket should be 110mm on either side.

• The coils which have been formed already should be welded on either end of the pedal. This is necessary to link the pedal to the inner fixed pipe.

• After this, drill a hole on the pedal that will have a diameter of 16.5mm. Note that the distance of the hole from the other end of the pedal has to be measured so that once the pedal has been linked to the inner fixed pipe, the pedal ticket should be able to fit into the drilled hole. 

• Next, the pedal is attached to the short pipe and the inner fixed pipe.

• When using the clips, the sanitizer base is attached to the outer movable pipe.

• Two screws are then attached to the inner fixed pipe and the outer movable pipe. The purpose of the screws in the hand sanitizer stand is to hold the spring in place. For this to work perfectly, make sure that the distance between the screws on the pipes is done so that the spring will remain in a compressed position at the beginning of its operation. 

• For the next step, the outer movable pipe should be placed upon the inner fixed pipe. After this, the spring should be attached.

• For the final step, the top constraint part is attached to the inner fixed pipe. Once this phase is completed, the hand sanitizer stand is ready for use.


How Does A Hand Sanitizer Stand Work?

The hand sanitizer stand is renowned for its ability to be easily operated. 

However, some individuals might still experience some issues in this regard. 

Considering this, we have explained how the hand sanitizer stand works, using the hand sanitizer pedal stand model as a case study.

• When you press the pedal, the clips attached to it and the inner fixed pipe make similar movements.

• The outer movable pipe, which has been resting on the clips, will shoot upward due to the previous movement. 

• As the outer pipe makes an upward motion, the sanitizer bottle placed inside the hand sanitizer stand bottle base will make a similar movement.

• The upward movement of the outer pipe will eventually be halted by the top constrained part.

• At this point, the lower circular base prevents the outer movable pipe from going any further. Simultaneously, the extended section of the lower circular base clashes with the hand sanitizer stand bottle pump.

• This results in pressure being applied on the pump, and the bottle at the top of the hand sanitizer stand begins dispensing sanitizer.

• The dispensing action done by the sanitizer bottle ceases when the pump is brought back to its original position by eliminating the pressure that had been applied.

• For the dispensing process to be brought to an end, the outer movable pipe will have to move downwards. This will cease the clashing of the bottle and the extended part of the lower circular section. 

• Once the pressure from the pedal has been released, the pedal will return to its original position. This action will be replicated by the clips and the outer movable pipe. Once this happens, the pump will effectively stop dispensing sanitizer.

• In some cases, the pedal might remain in a neutral position when the pressure has been removed. 

• Note that the spring mechanism comes into effect for the outer pipe to move downwards and for the dispensing action to cease.

• Practically, the spring that is attached to the outer movable pipe and the inner fixed pope gets extended. This is what happens when the outer movable pipe of the hand sanitizer stand shoots upward. 

• As the outer movable pipe and the top constraint part collide, the extended spring pulls the pipe back into its original position. 

• This effectively stops the dispensing action and brings the entire process to a close.

Hand Sanitizer Stand Ideas

Beyond the basic concept of the hand sanitizer stand, there are many ways to modify the mechanism to fit your tastes and specifications. These include the following:

Two-way foot operator

On basic models, such as the pedal-operated hand sanitizer stand, the pedal is the most important mechanism. 

However, you can step up the product’s convenience by providing a pedal on either side of the hand sanitizer stand. 

When doing this, it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages include the following:

• The product achieves a higher level of convenience and flexibility. This means that this concept will help big companies maintain good hygiene in the workplace. In a practical sense, the hand sanitizer stand can be placed at entrances, and multiple people can use the product at the same time without having to come in close contact with each other. 

• It saves time and effort.

However, the downsides to this hand sanitizer stand idea should not be overlooked. They include the following:

Cost Increase

The extra foot pedal is a major improvement, but it will require more material. 

This means that the hand sanitizer stand’s overall price will skyrocket due to the cost of its production.

It will be complicated to produce

Just as we had previously discussed, the hand sanitizer stand model that featured a single pedal has a particular way it functions. 

This refers to how it links to the other components of the product. However, this process will have to be altered due to the extra pedal.

Mechanism failure if not produced properly

This model of the hand sanitizer stand is not popular. 

This means that its construction procedure is complicated for certain manufacturers. 

Owing to this, the entire mechanism might not work if the second pedal is not installed properly during the manufacturing process.

Hand sanitizer stand with dual action pump and spray

For this version of the hand sanitizer stand, an adjustable clip is used in place of a constraining part. 

As a means of regulation, a knob is also added and can be used to either tighten or loosen the clip.


•Increase in value and convenience

Due to its manufacturing difference, the hand sanitizer stand can do more than other models. This is because, with the presence of the adjustable clip, the mechanism is able to disinfect not only individuals but also their belongings.

•User friendly

As a result of the adjustment feature, the product can be used to cater to different classes of individuals.


Difficult to operate

Some individuals might be more comfortable with other hand sanitizer stand models because of their simple nature. For this reason, the adjustable clip-on this product might prove tough to handle for inexperienced users.

Hand sanitizer stand with an unbreakable case

With this model, an unbreakable case is put around the sanitizer bottle or sprayer. The objective of this is to limit physical contact with the mechanism.


Prevents physical contact

Owing to the unbreakable case, physical contact from users is limited. The outcome of this is that the chances of contamination and further spread of illness are reduced.


• Increase in production cost 

For this product, the glass to be used is expected to have a high level of durability. This means that production expenses will go higher. 

• Difficult to operate 

Owing to the unbreakable case around the sanitizer bottle, this model of hand sanitizer stand would be difficult to operate. This is because many users would be unsure how to activate it and get the sanitizer. 

Places Where A Hand Sanitizer Stand Can Be Used

Places Where A Hand Sanitizer Stand Can Be Used
Places Where A Hand Sanitizer Stand Can Be Used

With the advent of present circumstances, the need to disinfect individuals and belongings has reached higher levels. 

To address this, hand sanitizer stands are being deployed in various locations. 

Here, we look at the many places where a hand sanitizer stand can be used for disinfection purposes. 


Arguably, a hospital is the most important location for a hand sanitizer stand. This is because hospital workers deal with infections regularly. 

This means that they require a means of safeguarding against getting infected and preserving their health. 

This is precisely what the hand sanitizer stand was created to do. Placing it at the hospital entrance and inside different wards will reduce doctors, nurses, and other health workers getting infected. 


The steps being taken to prevent further infection has extended to the workplace. 

In this regard, it has become increasingly popular for companies to place hand sanitizer stands at entrances into their buildings.


Many industries were shut down due to the wave of the pandemic in the previous year. 

With life slowly returning to normal, steps are being taken to ensure that workers can go about their daily business without getting infected. 

One such measure is the introduction of hand sanitizer stands at strategic areas to guarantee employee health despite coming in contact with various people and objects. 

Schools and colleges

Many educational facilities were closed down for fear of widespread contamination in children and young adults. 

Currently, schools are slowly reopening, and pandemic guidelines are being developed to ensure safety. 

The introduction of hand sanitizer stands a big help as it makes sure both staff and students in the school environment stay healthy. 

In practical use, the hand sanitizer stand is placed outside classrooms, cafeterias, playgrounds, and other areas where there may be a large gathering of individuals. 

Religious places

Places of worship like as mosques, temples, and churches have a constant crowd visiting them regularly. 

With those numbers, it’s no surprise that the potential for a widespread infection is existing. However, this issue has been effectively resolved by the introduction of hand sanitizer stands in these locations. 

Additionally, hand sanitizer stand technology is constantly improving as belongings can also be disinfected alongside individuals. 


Because of the human need for physical connection, restaurants have become a major meetup spot for individuals. 

However, this also means that viruses can be transmitted on a large scale, and restaurants were previously ill-equipped to handle such a situation. 

Luckily, a hand sanitizer stand can now be placed at strategic locations. 

This means once the hand sanitizer stand is placed within the restaurant and at its entrance, infection issues can be dealt with properly.


There is an increasing need for effective solutions to continual viral infection. 

This is because, despite previous measures and strategies, nothing has changed regarding better prevention and safeguarding human life. 

Concerning this, sanitization has established itself as a reliable way of disinfecting both individuals and their belongings. 

To make the process easier, technological advancements have been done thus resulting in the hand sanitizer stand. 

With this guide, we have covered all aspects of the hand sanitizer stand and give you all the information you require to get started. 

Go through it carefully, and you are sure to make great strides in your pursuit of disease prevention.


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