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Shanghai Shiquan Display is the perfect endcap manufacturer that offers a unique blend of catchy designs coupled with a durable build. 

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Product Display Stand

Floor Display Stand

Dimension: L750×W450×H1850mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,acrylic sheet. Feature: Colorful printing. 

metal display stands

Dimension: L900×W500×H2150mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Adjustable shelf

pos display

POS Display Stand

Dimension: L750×W450×H2150mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Five shelves

toothbrush display rack

Point Of Sale Display Stand

Dimension: L600×W400×H1850mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Adjustable shelf with hookds

display stand for stores

Product Display Stand

Dimension: L800×W400×H1800mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,acrylic sheetFeature: fashion design

Creative Displays

Retail Display Stand

Dimension: L900×W500×H1750mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,wheels. Feature: wheels, heavy duty

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ShiQuan Display : Your Reliable End Cap Manufacturer

Shanghai Shiquan Display End cap Manufacturer have been in display manufacturing since 2010. Our professional team has always nailed the orders, whether it is an end cap manufacture or any other display manufacturer. We have trained them with the best and the latest techniques. These industrial techniques like CAD and others are latest in the market among displays manufacturing. 

The good thing about our company is that we ship not only within China but also internationally. Other than that, we have many innovative ideas for end cap displays. You can discuss it with our end cap manufacturer. We can claim that we have maintained our outstanding quality and expertise throughout this time of 11 years. 

So make sure to get a quote and book yours right away. 

More End Caps

Browse our website to find the end cap type that will help you meet your goals. 

Shanghai ShiQuan End Cap Manufacturer

There are multiple materials used to make the end cap displays. You can conveniently select the material as per your needs. If you are not sure about the material, talk to our end cap manufacturer, and he will brief you about which material will go well. 

Metal End cap display

Metal stand display is quite common. Metal rods are thin, and it does not even occupy much space. You can place it easily as an end cap display.

Plastic End cap display

Plastic is the most portable material, and it even lasts longer. We will use the best quality plastic which will last you a long time. You can choose the color of plastic on your own. 

Wood End cap display

Wooden plaques make great end cap displays. They suit well if your shelves are also wooden. You can paint them to keep them safe from weather and insects.

Acrylic End cap display

Acrylic material comes towards a fancier end, but it will catch the most attention when placed in a shop. You can get them made in any size. We can even make the acrylic in combination with any other material to make it look even more beautiful. 

Corrugated paper End cap display

If you are specially making an end cap display for a promotional offer to last two weeks, our end cap manufacturer would suggest you get it made from corrugated paper. It stays well for few weeks, and it is cheap. You can easily dispose of it off after that. 

How We Work With You

Now you must be wondering how our end cap manufacturer works. Well, to put it in the best words, there is a complete process for it. We have explained the following steps. 

1. Design

At first, you will get to decide the design with our end cap manufacturer. There are many designs already available, and you can even come up with a design of your own. 

2. Prototyping

After making the blueprint, you can make any changes to the prototype before the manufacturer begins with the process. 

3. Manufacture

We will manufacture the end cap manufacturer as early as possible and make sure it is according to your needs. 

4. Distribution

Lastly comes the step of distribution. We ship our products overseas and within China. We ensure that it reaches you safe and sound.

Why Should You Choose A Chinese End Cap Manufacturer?

If you are not yet convinced of our services, here are a few other reasons why you should choose our end cap manufacturer.

• We have many unique designs like the side-kick, display banner and other types of end cap displays. 

• We offer the most affordable and market competitive prices. Considering our quality, we are barely charging in pennies. 

• We can complete your order within days. We take 3 to 10 days to complete your order. The days are based on what type of display you want and in all cases, we will try to make it as early as we can. 

• Customer care and concern are our topmost priority. We will make sure that all that we make it exactly how you want. We will keep asking you for your approval on each step. 

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