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End Cap Displays: Give an Abrupt Boost to Your Sales

Are you a retailer who wants to boost his sales but find it impossible? 

You are not alone in this, and the best way to overcome it is by using end cap displays. 

Many of you must have heard of end cap displays but putting them on and using them the right way is not easy. 

If you go wrong with them, then there is no use in putting them up. It will only take up space and do no good for you.

So before you go on and buy end cap displays, please read this blog as it has everything you need to about end cap displays. 

You will know all about boosting your sales even as a retailer or brand owner. 

Without further ado, let’s move on with the blog.

What Are End Cap Displays?

custom endcap displays

Let us first talk about what exactly are end cap displays. 

An end cap display is a rack or counter used to display products that are on sale, have promotional offers, or some newly launched products. 

These are placed in such a way along the aisle or in the store that the shoppers will see them.

The end cap displays catch their attention, and the regular shoppers instinctively notice what is displayed on the end cap displays. 

Endcap displays not only attract potential buyers but also create ease for the retailer. 

They occupy lesser space and make the overall outlook of the retail store. 

Sections of An End Cap Displays

eed cap displays2

The primary purpose of end cap displays is to increase brand recognition and impulse buyers. 

But to have better credit and arrangement of products, there are different sections of the end cap displays. 

Each section serves a purpose, and if you know about them, you can arrange the products better on your displays. 

There are three different sections of endcap displays. Let’s discuss them in detail!

Top Section

The top section is not specifically for placing any products. 

The main reason is that most people will not be able to reach the top products, and when set in the top section, they will not be easily visible from some distance. 

The top section of the end cap displays is then used for the signage or labels. 

It defines the theme of the end cap display that what it is about, the products displayed there, and any promotional offer. 

In short, it is the section that defines the theme of the end cap display. 

People can see it from afar and tell what that end cap display is about.

Middle or Core Section

The middle section of the end cap display is also called the core section because you have the product in this section, which was discussed in the theme or first section. 

In this section, you can place things about the promotional offer, different merchandise, and other things that buyers can interact with. 

This section is the hero of the end cap display so try to make it as appealing. 

You want the customers to come and see the offer and products from the end cap display. 

You can put things that people can interact with and how they can use the product placed. 

Bottom Section

Finally comes the bottom section, which is also referred to as the end cap display inventory. 

In this section, you can put more of the product discussed in that end cap display. 

You can put some products in the bottom section so that if the buyers decide to purchase the product, they can easily pick it up from the bottom chamber. 

No matter how many people take the products from the bottom section, it would help if you refilled it until the end cap display and the offer lasts. 

An Empty or a unit with fewer products does not look good. 

What Should You Display in End Cap Displays?

the power of end cap displays

You must be already aware of the basics that what you should put in the end cap displays. 

The absolute answer is the product with some promotional offer or sale, but what if there isn’t any promotional offer. 

You can still place products in the end cap display. Brands can customize the exhibits on their own. 

Before you put up products, make sure that the audience is interested in buying that product. 

Keeping the customers’ preferences in mind, you can place products in them. 

You can put some seasonal or holiday-themed products as well in the end cap displays. 

The end cap displays also have some samples or complementary products in them to encourage the buyers to buy that product. 

Where to Place End Cap Displays?

Where to Place End Cap Displays

The next question that might arise is where you will be placing the end cap displays in the retail store. 

The end cap display name says it all about its location. 

They are placed by the end of the aisles. 

Just like the way you place gondolas by the end of aisles, you can set your end cap displays. 

It will catch the attention of buyers going down the aisle. 

The end cap displays are usually three-sided so that when a person is going along the aisle, they can see the products, offer, and a chance they might pick up a complementary product when going down the aisle. 

How to Place Things In End Cap Displays?

end cap displays are a vital selling opportunity
end cap displays are a vital selling opportunity

Endcap displays are usually free-standing on their own, and they can be built-in with the aisle shelves. 

Either way, the end cap displays are three-sided, and they can be angles or curved according to your preference. 

Now coming to how you will place the products in the end cap display. 

For the first section, which will be the theme, make sure the signage is bold enough, and it can attract customers from far away. 

The writing should be visible, and color contrasts should not blend with the store’s standard colors. 

Put the smaller products on the upper shelves, so they are closer to the eye level, and customers can easily spot them. 

Place the larger items on the bottom brackets on the end cap display. 

Finally, when it is filled with products and set, please pick up a few things from it so that it does not look untouched when any customer passes by it.

The Right Time to Display End Cap Displays

end cap displays

The endcap is not explicitly placed occasionally. There are different events when retailers put up end cap displays. 

Some of the main times when you should put up end cap displays are:

• When a brand launches a new product, you can put that product and some directions on its usage and benefits in the end cap display.

• When a promotional offer or sale is going on that specific product, it will help if you displayed the offer in bold and complementary products. 

• When there is a holiday or promotional theme on some products. 

• New merchandise or apparel is also displayed to highlight the product.

Along with all of it, keep in mind that end cap displays about a specific product should not be displayed for more than a week or two weeks because if it is placed for more time, it will not remain as appealing. 

What Is the Purpose of Putting Up End Cap Displays In Retail Stores?

end cap displays

The primary purpose of putting up an end cap display in a retail store is to attract customers and let them know about any promotional offer. 

This can be done by other means, but the end cap displays catch their attention when in-store, and it can usually influence the impulse buying decision. 

You can keep the customers longer in the store, and end cap displays are a better way of showcasing the products with some complementary products and offers. 

Main Things to Keep in Mind When Consider End Cap Displays

main things to keep in mind when consider end cap displays

Before we move onto the sales and how will end cap displays influence sales, there are certain aspects that you should bear in mind. 

These are the key things that make the end cap displays in their true meanings.

1. The Theme of End Cap Display

The end cap display should have a theme according to the products it is displaying. 

If it is too bland and according to the store’s article, it will blend with the overall display racks and theme of the store. 

The products in the end cap displays and the end cap display should be of the same theme. 

The theme should be of bright colors, but it is not too bright that it will be piercing to the eyes. When selecting the theme, one needs to be very careful. 

The theme should blend with the store, and at the same time, it should set apart the end cap display. 

2. Branding

If you are launching a new brand in your store or even if the brand is launching a new product in your store, the end cap display is the best place to showcase the products. 

There is no better place where your customers will quickly see the products being launched. When branding a product, people place merchandise items in the end cap displays. 

If your store is mainly for a specific product, you can place items that will highlight the store’s theme. 

For example, a book store can place merchandise related to the book store and showcase the brand. 

3. Highlighting the Right Products In The End Cap Display

You will be putting the right products in the racks and making them look more appealing to the buyers; you need to highlight the brand with the right merchandise. 

The merchandise might include related items to that product. For example, if you are putting a coffee brand in the end cap display, you can also set a brewer that is a merchandise of that coffee brand. 

Even coffee mugs are also placed in the end cap display to highlight the brand. 

When you have coffee mugs and brewers along the aisle, passers-by will surely stop by looking at what it is, and they might buy it.

4. Enticing to The Shoppers

The main thing about end cap displays is that they should be enticing to the shoppers. 

You want them to stop by and look at what you have displayed. Make it as appealing as you can. 

The things that entice shoppers are colors and interactive things. 

You can place such items that the shoppers can interact with. Even free samples are quite enticing. 

An average shopper does not spend much time roaming around in the shop, so you have to make the end cap display so enticing that it catches the customer’s attention the moment they enter your store. 

How to Get The Most Advantage From End Cap Displays?

How to Get The Most Advantage From End Cap Displays

Endcap displays are seen now in almost all retail stores, but you have to make sure that your store’s end cap displays stand out. 

You are spending money on end cap displays, so make the most of it, and I am confident that it will payback. 

Here I am sharing some tips about how to obtain the most advantage from end cap displays. 

1. Colour and Design of End Cap Displays

The foremost thing that will grab attention is the colour and design of the end cap display. 

Later on, people will see what is in that end cap display if it looks appealing to them from afar. 

The signage should be bold and eye-catchy that the shoppers cannot resist but come to see what is in that end cap display. 

Stuffing it will heap of product items will do no good to you. There are other racks for that as well. 

You can experiment with the design and shape of the end cap display. 

If you are going for a back to school theme on your end cap display, you can put up an endcap display that looks like a study table. 

It makes it unique and also attracts buyers. 

2. Go Less into Variety

When trying to make the most of the end cap displays, many retailers stuff it with so many different products, but they have no idea it is wrong. 

It will not only steal the limelight of one product; instead, people will not even concentrate on any of them. 

So it is better that you concentrate on one thing rather than going into the variety. 

Dedicate the end cap display to that one product, and you will see that it will pay back so well. 

You can replace them with other products, and individual products will catch more attention than varied products. 

3. Make It Digital

When everything is digitalizing, then why not make the end cap displays digital as well. 

Lesser people have taken this initiative for end cap displays, and if you go for it now, you will surely stand out. 

By making the end cap display digital, I mean that you can add a touch screen to it and even other screens that have the advertisement playing on it. 

As for the touch screen, you can customize their products according to how they like it. When such things are introduced, they automatically catch attention. 

4. Keep It New and Fresh

If you have kept the same end cap display in the same place, people will most likely not notice it after some time because it blends with the usual items in the retail store. 

So keep changing the things in the end cap display new and fresh. Keep altering them and if they fall short of it, refill them. 

The end cap display should not give the impression that the products have been placed there for a long time. 

A week or two is more than enough for an endcap display to be displayed with the same product. 

Instead, I would suggest that if a product is placed in the end cap display for more than a week and you are planning to put the end cap display there, at least change the position of the end cap display. 

5. Increase Brand Recognition

If you are targeting one brand, make sure you keep the end cap display solely to that brand. 

If there are other competing brands, it will lessen the retention and customer attention for that targeted brand. 

You have to make the brand hero of the end cap display. Add merchandise that displays that brand and product. 

If the same brand is at the same place, it will automatically attract the audience towards it.

6. Try Putting Products That Lead to Impulse Purchases

The more likely things to be bought in impulse purchase decisions are displayed in the end cap display—things like beverages, small toys, snacks, or magazines. 

Usually, coffee brands are put in the end cap displays so that people might impulsively decide to buy coffee, and their preference will be the one placed in the end cap display. 

Instead of putting in the end cap displays, you can put up such items that are impulse buy products in the end cap displays. 

This will increase your sales of those items. For such things, you don’t need to spend so much money to make it attractive because these things are what people will impulsively pick up going by the aisles. 

7. Keep the Display Fully Stocked At All Times

You might ignore one thing, but this one thing will undoubtedly impact a customer looking at the end cap display from some distance. 

It is how much it is stocked. People will pick up products from the end cap displays when shopping, but you have to make sure it does not look empty. 

Restock it even when it is half full. If people will not get what they want from the end cap display, there is a high chance that they will end up not buying it at all. 

So whenever you see it getting empty, restock it, even when it is peak hour of customers. 

Here is another catch in keeping it fully stocked. 

Please pick up a few products from it when the end cap display rack is fully stocked because you don’t want to give the impression that it was completely untouched. People might think it is not worth buying. 

That is why none of the products are touched by any other customer. 

8. Don’t Over-Stuff the Displays

The last tip on making the most of the end cap displays is that they do not overstuff them. 

Don’t put things to make sure everything is there on the end cap display. 

When things are too stuffed, the shoppers will not be able to notice any of them. 

If you have too many different varieties in the same product, it is better that you place a few samples on the end cap display so that each one will get due attention.

Bottom Line

end cap displays

No matter how big is your retail store, end cap displays are placed in all of the retail stores. 

Endcap display can cost you a lot if you are not aware of setting it the right way because the money you have spent on it will not payback. 

Endcap displays are mainly to attract customers so that they will come to know about any offer or sale going on. 

Some retail stores use POP display to guide the buyers on what is in that aisle, so it is easier for them to locate around the store. 

I hope that by the end of this blog, you are well aware of what are end cap displays and the right way you can put them up in a retail store. 

Just make the most of them, and you will see that end cap displays will boost your sales abruptly. 


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