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Shanghai ShiQuan Display is an inclusive display rack manufacturer that provides high value, high performance, and ready ship solutions for a display rack.

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Product Display Stand

Floor Display Stand

Dimension: L750×W450×H1850mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,acrylic sheet. Feature: Colorful printing. 

metal display stands

Dimension: L900×W500×H2150mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Adjustable shelf

pos display

POS Display Stand

Dimension: L750×W450×H2150mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Five shelves

toothbrush display rack

Point Of Sale Display Stand

Dimension: L600×W400×H1850mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Adjustable shelf with hookds

display stand for stores

Product Display Stand

Dimension: L800×W400×H1800mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,acrylic sheetFeature: fashion design

Creative Displays

Retail Display Stand

Dimension: L900×W500×H1750mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,wheels. Feature: wheels, heavy duty

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Shanghai ShiQuan Display: China's Most Trustworthy Display Rack Manufacturer

It’s more than a decade that we are serving the display racks industry; we started this work back in 2010. Our primary focus was on manufacturing customized display racks design that people would love. We are experts in multi-material combination display racks. 

ShiQuan display rack manufacturer holds an experienced and skilled engineering and design team. 

Our dedicated engineers and designers have experience of an average of 6 years in this industry. Our teams are experts in running the latest design software (3D MAX, SOLIDWORKS, CAD, and many more)and are proficient in real production.        

Their fieldwork know-how guarantees that we not only manufacture stylish designs, but designs are also functional at affordable prices. 

Whether you are a brand holder, design studio, trader, or advertising agent in the P.O.P display business, we are always here to provide you the best services ever. With our combined efforts, we can make your business highly successful with lower expenditure.

If you want to get benefit from the best services from display rack manufacturer, make us a phone call or drop an email.

More Display Stand

Browse our website to find the display stand type that will help you meet your goals. 

Shanghai ShiQuan Display Racks

You need to look for the best display rack manufacturer that perfectly fits your requirements.

We focus on every display rack and provide each of them with exceptional value, and we assist our clients to succeed.    

  • Metal Display rack

Do you want a metal display rack? If yes, then do contact us because we offer the best quality metal display racks. These racks keep the goods safe, easy to assemble, and available in various designs and styles. You can choose stands of your own choice; choose sizes, thickness, colors, layers, etc., by yourself.

  • Wood Display rack

We, the leading Display rack manufacturers in China, provide you the best products of wood display racks. We are offering all the designs of wood display racks at affordable prices. 

  • Plastic Display rack

ShiQuan display contributes to producing and delivering high-quality plastic display racks. The product provided is made by the use of superior plastic and advanced cutting-edge technology in compliance with international quality standards. These plastic display racks are widely used for domestic and outdoor purposes and are available at affordable prices in different sizes and designs.

  • Acrylic Display rack

ShiQuan display is an excellent display rack manufacturer that provides a wide variety of acrylic display racks to showcase your products. If you want to display baked goods or small items, then try our three-shelf acrylic display rack. A wide range of styles and designs are available in these racks like rectangular, square, circular, etc. These display racks are easy to transport and portable.

  • Cardboard Display rack

We also offer high-quality cardboard display racks. These racks are applicable for all types of big-scale promotional activities, shopping malls, stores, exhibitions, etc. We provide cardboard display racks that are light in weight, easily transported, and reused repeatedly. 

  • Stainless Display rack

If you want to get stainless steel display racks, contact the ShiQuan display because you will find out the best quality stainless racks here. We assure you of the best quality display racks with competitive prices. Save your money and shop here! 

How Can We Go Along With You?

We have wide-ranging experience in the production of display racks. We provide the best display rack production by using the right tools and the process being used for manufacturing.

Our experts gather all your requirements and understand your concerns, and as a result, recommend suitable display racks for your business.

Our skilled designers create preliminary conceptual design sketches and rendering.

Depending on your requirements and designs, make calculations of the estimated cost.

We only require 3-10 days to complete the sample quickly. And we always try to make on-time delivery.

After receiving and testing samples, if you have any suggestions about the sample, we will always modify that.

After getting your approval, we will issue a purchase order, and the manufacturing of the product will be started by the production department against the deposit.

The Production Control Department will assign work to various departments.

When the production got finished, the Quality control department will finally test the product to make sure that our display racks are according to what you desire and ensure safety for you.

The logistic department will make the product delivery on time. The products will reach their destination safely and according to schedule.

Why Do You Select A Chinese Display Rack Manufacturer?

Currently, for any kind of product, China has become the most important market. You can see everywhere “made in China,” which shows China’s dominancy in every market. China manufactures about 30% of the overall manufacturing of products globally.

But have you ever question yourself about how it is possible in China?

Of course, there are some excellent legal reasons. Let’s dive into those reasons!

  • Low manufacturing prices:

Many Chinese products are economical. You always have options for bargains with the costs.

  • High ability of production:

As China has many human resources, it can manufacture a good deal of products. It manufactures display racks with cheap labor costs in less time.

  • Quantity + Quality:

Since China is a global production hub, it can hold large quantities with the best quality. The raw materials utilized to produce Chinese products (e.g., display racks) can easily meet the standards of your country’s government.

  • Flexible MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): 

Chinese display rack manufacturer always provide the opportunity to purchase the final MOQ for all types of products. This allows you to get the least amount of products even if you are on a low budget.

  • Minimize the risk:

If you don’t desire to get involved in any type of fraud, directly buy the desired products from display rack manufacturer.

  • Easy to Ship: 

The display racks and other goods are easily accessible to ports from China. Therefore, China is the most famous goods in the world. You will have no problem sending goods from China to your country. Display rack manufacturer are always here to deliver to your country.

When you are looking for new display racks, after getting such benefits in commercial matters, Chinese display rack manufacturer should be taken into consideration.

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