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Product Display Stand

Floor Display Stand

Dimension: L750×W450×H1850mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,acrylic sheet. Feature: Colorful printing. 

metal display stands

Dimension: L900×W500×H2150mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Adjustable shelf

pos display

POS Display Stand

Dimension: L750×W450×H2150mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Five shelves

toothbrush display rack

Point Of Sale Display Stand

Dimension: L600×W400×H1850mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,Punching plate. Feature: Adjustable shelf with hookds

display stand for stores

Product Display Stand

Dimension: L800×W400×H1800mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,acrylic sheetFeature: fashion design

Creative Displays

Retail Display Stand

Dimension: L900×W500×H1750mm Material: Steel tube, cold-rolled sheet,wheels. Feature: wheels, heavy duty

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ShiQuan Display : Your Reliable Display Manufacturer In China

Shanghai ShiQuan is one of the well-known display manufacturers nationally and internationally. We started a decade ago in China, and after that, we expanded it overseas outside China. 

We owe it to our talented display manufacturer team, who has made sure that our every display catches the targeted audience’s attention. This is the reason that we have been thriving and burgeoning in this business for so many years. 

We have industrial experience for more than six years, and our team is excellent at making all types of displays. Whether you are a local retail store owner, commercial advertising agency owner, or commercial marketer, we can make a display for you as you desire.

So let’s not wait anymore and ally to this more significant cause. 

We assure you, you won’t be disappointed. 

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Browse our website to find the display stand type that will help you meet your goals. 

Display Manufacturing Materials

POP displays were the only primary type of displays in the earlier days, but now there are a handful of types. Retail displays come in the form of banners and stands. It has other types like floor standing displays, window displays, side-kick displays, gondola displays, and many different types. 

Some of the raw materials we use for the manufacture of display stands are:

All these materials are excellent on their own. You can choose the one which you think will go well according to your theme and usage. If you are using it for a promotional offer, corrugated paper or cardboard works best. 

How Your Display Manufacturer Works?

We have all the high-grade material and equipment needed for the manufacture of your products. Here are a few steps on how we will work with you:

• We will involve you completely and take you down the process when working with you. When working with our team of retail display manufacturers, you will see how we can make use of the smallest spaces, and with the least expenditure of money, you can transform your store into a home of catchy displays.

• At first, we will talk to you in detail about which type of display stand you want and how you want it. You can choose your design from the available designs and even put in your input. Our display manufacturer is all ears to your opinions. 

• After that, we will start working on your order and complete it as soon as possible. 

• Even the shipping will take two days within the country and 3 to 5 overseas.

Whatever are your needs of the display stands, you can rely on Shanghai ShiQuan Display Manufacturer and let our display manufacturer handle it for you.

This craftsmanship is harder to find in every company these days. So once you find it, stick to it.

There is no shortage of display manufacturers, but working with the proper display manufacturer will considerably differ from your marketing strategy. Whatever are your needs of the display stands, you can rely on Shanghai ShiQuan Display Manufacturer and let our display manufacturer handle it for you.

Why Choose Us As Your Display Manufacturer?

Now that you decided to collaborate with a display manufacturer, here are a few reasons why you should hire our retail display manufacture for your needs.

• You will get the most competitive prices here.

• We can transform your old shelves into a beguiling POP display with the most minor investment.

• We have a bunch of ideas and prototypes for you to choose from.

• We make sure that we consult you before we begin with the manufacturing process. 

• Customer care is our top priority. We will keep you updated with the progress, and your opinion is our main concern. 

• Our display stands are reusable, so you can get them changed any time you want.

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