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The Complete Guide Of Custom POP Display Ideas

When a customer enters the store, what will you do to make them engage with your product and eventually buy it? 

The answer is your point of purchase display strategy.

The custom POP display provides an excellent opportunity to increase your sales without significantly affecting your budget. 

The POP display is one of the essential ideas to improve your brand’s sales relative to the competition effectively. 

In this article, we shall look into in-depth details of what exactly custom POP display is, its benefits, and ideas.

What Is A Custom POP Display?

What Is A Custom POP Display
what is a custom pop display

POP, or the point of purchase, is a segment within the store where your product attracts a customer. 

It is an advertising or a marketing material placed next to the centrum product. Custom POP displays are unrelated to the aisle shelf, arranging products into the customer’s way throughout the store. 

Marketing campaigns are designed to attract customers in stores, point of purchase displays focus is on the customers’ in-store by grabbing attention to specific brands or promotional offers. 

Including custom pop displays in your stores helps create catchy interactions between the customers and the effects that otherwise would not occur. 

The POP display provides more exposure to a product making the product stand out among the competition.

How Does Custom POP Display Differ From The Custom The Custom POS Display?

retail displays

Custom POP display and Custom POS display are almost similar as both draw attention of the customer to your product, so when you are deciding to display your products, it will help you a lot if you know the difference between both. 

POS refers to ‘point of sale,’ and it is confined to the area where the sale of the product occurs as the name says, while the POP display can hold the floor space anywhere on the store. 

The POP display is broader than the POS display and actually refers to the entire store. Examples of POS displays include shelves of candy, refrigerated products, and magazine racks displayed near the area of the register. 

Individually packaged products like beverages fit best at the checkout lane so the customers can buy them at the last minute of their shopping trip. 

In a nutshell, products that might not be included in the consumer’s wish list should display in POS displays.

Types Of POP Displays

retail displays

POP displays are categorized into three types, which are differentiated based on the time they can be used and the substance they are made from. 

The type is chosen according to the product. For instance, a POP display required for a short period like the one for ‘offer valid for a limited time ‘ will go for a temporary POP display. 

On the contrary, the display may be required for a more extended period for products that you wish to promote on a prolonged timeframe.

1. Temporary Point Of Purchase Displays

Temporary POP displays are meant for limited time promotions. 

The time interval varies from few weeks to many months. 

This category of the POP display is often used for periodic goods or for products that brands are not sure whether to include in their stores. 

They are best for trial purposes and for storage of seasonal goods for the reason that they are made from inexpensive materials.

2. Semi-Permanent Point Of Purchase Displays

The time interval for a Semi-Permanent POP display ranges from months to approximately a year. 

They are constructed from durable materials, and so they can carry multiple products from the same brand. 

A semi-permanent display is costly as compared to a temporary POP display but is inexpensive as compared to a permanent POP display.

3. Permanent Point Of Purchase Displays

The time interval for this category of POP displays, as the name says, ranges for several years. 

Permanent POP displays are the most expensive, and so their maintenance cost, but they benefit for a longer time if constructed and appropriately implemented.

How Custom POP Displays Works?

retail displays

POP displays have become a primary strategy for brands. 

Almost every manufacturer chooses the point of purchase displays and provides them to the retailer to keep in the store. 

This POP display helps to highlight the product as well as catches customers’ eyes to it. 

It is therefore important to keep it in the store which already has many similar products.

If we talk about the structure of a POP display, it can vary from a simple sign to a detailed display carton. 

For instance, a retailer can go for a shelf talker display, which is a ticket attached to the shelf for the customers to notice as they go down the aisle, or they may choose a display where all the products of a brand are merchandised inside it. 

Previously, POP displays were only confined to cash wrap location in the store. Now, they can be displayed anywhere in the store.

How To Plan Custom POP Displays?

How To Plan Custom POP Displays

You must consider these points while planning for the custom POP display:

If you decide on the ‘buy one, get one’ deal of your product, then your custom POP display should be in a promoting way to attract your customer. 

You can do it by creating a promotional design on the POP display.

Secondly, you need to take into account the store where the POP display will appear and who will be your audience? 

As an example, if the custom POP display will appear in a convenience store rather than a grocer, this affects both who the customer is and why he is shopping in that place. 

As the customer in a convenience store only intends to buy an item or two while the customer in a grocery store wants to purchase a large number of products would come across your product.

Thirdly, it is also essential to consider the location of the POP display. 

If we consider again the example of a grocery and convenience store, it would be best to place the POP display in front of the store because the customer might not look through the entire convenience store than the grocery store customer who might look into every shelf and will encounter your product. 

Moreover, you also need to consider the available space in the store as if it is limited; then you must not go for a massive display. 

Similarly, if there is enough space in the store, then your small POP display would not be catchy in the crowd.

Fourthly, it would be best if you consider where to buy your custom POP display. Some online retailers only sell simple POP displays, while the rest gives you a choice to design accordingly. 

Also, some retailers create cardboard displays while others on the more durable materials.

Custom POP Display Examples:

retail displays

You can make use of the various types of custom POP displays as it helps in creating awareness of the brand and raise product sales. 

Beginning from the outside of a store to the cash register, you can design the whole funnel by making use of point of purchase displays. 

Now, look at some of the examples that manufacturers can choose from when creating their product promotion techniques.

1.Gondola Display:

A gondola is a free-standing unit, two-sided, placed in larger areas of a store to display products. 

Gondolas comprise a flat base, adjustable shelves making it easy to hold different sized products and have a vertical unit showing pegboards. Commonly, they are up of steel frames and pegboard. 

Also, brands have a choice to advertise their products by customizing them accordingly. 

Gondolas organized adjacent can form rows of shelves, while standalone Gondolas can be utilized for themed displays.

2. Dump Bins Display

Dump bin displays are enormous, floor-standing bins or containers, as the name implies, in stores that are usually filled with small products like candy to create impulse buys for customers to shop. 

They serve the purpose of promotional and clearance sales. They are designed in a way to increase product exposure. 

A great benefit of this custom POP display is that they are standalone displays and can easily be adjusted in such a way as to be visible from all sides. 

They are commonly made out of corrugated cardboard or can also be customized. 

Dump bins are lightweight yet can carry weight because of their structural integrity. 

They are made from a single material that can be recycled after use. 

Dump bins provide a fantastic chance to get artistic as it can be designed in various shapes and sizes like square, octagonal, hexagonal with header boards. 

A corrugated filament can be placed to increase the base height making it more convenient for customers by raising the product level.

3.Freestanding Display Unit

Freestanding display units are standalone displays, just like dump bins. They are off-shelf display visible from all sides carrying products for customers to shop. 

This type of custom POP display is more assembled than dump bins, and larger products can be organized on the shelves. 

They are meant to affect customer’s buying patterns and impulse sales. 

Freestanding displays are customized to maximize product exposure and increase brand effect from the point of purchase by grabbing attention. 

Colorfully customized POP displays are eye-catching and allow the brands to stand out in the competition and maximize their sales. 

Like dump bins, freestanding display units are made up of lightweight cardboard but have the structural integrity to carry weight and can be customized in different shapes and designs. 

They are made from a single material so can be recycled after use.

4.Display Cases

Display cases are standalone displays, and it looks like a cabinet closed from all sides by the transparent glass or clear plastic. 

It displays products for viewing purposes. Customers may have to ask the store associate to take out the product from the display case. 

Often, labels are mentioned with the displayed products, providing information such as prices. 

Display cases can be categorized into three types: counter, middle floor, and wall. 

Counter display cases are customized to display products on one side and accessible through the other side. They are often seen in retail stores.

Middle floor displays show products from every side and are usually intended to be placed in the center of the store. 

Wall showcases are set against a wall, so the products are viewed and accessed from the same side. 

Display cases are designed in different sizes, styles, and materials, providing an opportunity for brands to create a unique POP display to attract the customer.

5. Banner Stands

Banner stands are standalone, portable display stands or banners that brands can put anywhere within the store to display their product or uses for promotional purposes. 

These banner stands help to increase the visibility of your brand, making them ideal for promotional uses. 

They can boost your marketing efforts by creating a professional image of your brand. 

The banner stand is easy to carry, inexpensive, easily assembled, and attracts customer’s attention. 

While designing a banner stand, make it simple and avoid mentioning much information that viewers might not read. 

Type of banner stands includes Cassette banners, tension banner stands, double-sided banner stands, printed fabric banner displays, and outdoor banner stand.

6. Endcap Displays

This type of POP display is situated at the border of an aisle, as the name says. 

This type of custom POP display allows you to place your product in appropriate areas without requiring an aisle shelf space. 

Moreover, it serves as a central location to draw customer’s attention as they can notice the display and do not have to go down the aisle. 

It gives a brand a competitive advantage as it can stand out. 

Placing products on an endcap increases the chance that it would be noticed than products not put on an endcap. This POP display has shelves or racks. 

Multiple options for designing are open. Commonly endcaps are made from corrugated fiberboard or corrugated plastic, which can be recycled after use.

7. Shelf Talkers

One of the cheap custom points of purchase displays includes hanging tags that advertise your products on an aisle shelf. 

They benefit in a way that they catch customer’s eyes, point out promotions, make your product stand in the competition, and provides detailed information to the customer about the product. 

You can use bright colors with entertaining words and pictures to attract customers. 

Moreover, adding coupons and promotions is another way to draw buyers in. 

It is effortless to help the customer know about your product. 

It would be great if the shelf- talker is placed next to the centrum product; that would increase the chance that the customer would grab your product.

8. Floor Graphics

Floor graphic is another eye-catching example of a custom point of purchase display by making the customer notice your product as they go down the aisle. 

This POP display is usually organized near the shelf where your products are kept so the customer can see your product after being impressed by your POP display. 

Using large graphics has a more profound effect in grabbing customer’s attention that otherwise would not be created with packaging alone. 

Moreover, floor graphics are a great medium to educate customers about the product. 

Often, key information like ‘ made with real fruit’ is widely used with the picture of the product so customers can recognize your product.

9. Vendor Shop POP Display

It is the most detailed point of purchase display that uses the strategy of a store within a store, which means it is a segment of the store that is separate from the rest of the store. 

Vendor shops are often preferred by customer packaged goods markets that struggle for little available space in the stores. 

This allows the CPG companies not just to set their products on shelves but also catches attention to a specific product. 

Key Points Of Custom POP Displays

Key Points Of Custom POP Displays

Let’s have a look at how you can apply the above-mentioned examples to your brand to earn benefits from the point of purchase strategy

Make Your Point Of Purchase Display Display Eye-catchy And Creative

The main focus of the customs point of purchase displays is to catch customer’s eyes as they go up and down the aisle. 

You can easily do this by making your POP display eye-catchy. Here are few points that you need to consider to make it creative:

Use bright colors, add images, go for large graphics or logos, pictures of the product, appealing slogan or critical information, large print, unique styles, and shapes.

To stand out in the competition, come up with something new to make your brand look different from others, as many other brands will be displayed as well. 

This is the chance to make full use of and be creative by experimenting with different ways so to grab the attention of the customer.


Custom point of purchase displays provides you with the choice of many locations than the aisle. 

They can standalone anywhere within the store, can be fixed to the ends of the aisle, or hanged from a shelf. 

Make use of this advantage! 

Fit the POP displays in highly traversed areas of the store, like near the shelf where your product is placed. 

Placing the point of purchase displays to the eye-level or closer to it increases the chance that the customer notices your product. Also, if you place small items in the register line, it increases the chances that the customer will interact with your product while they wait. 

Another way to make use of location is through cross-marketing, which refers to placing your products near the complementary products that are often used together. 

For instance, if your product is peanut butter, then it would be great if you place it near the bread. 

This will help you in two ways. Firstly, it acts as a reminder for the person buying the complementary product. 

Secondly, it is convenient for the customer to directly grab your product if it is placed next to the complementary product than going somewhere else in the store to look for it.

Educate Customers About Your Brand

On your custom point of purchase displays, use logos, slogans, or bright colors with the image of your product and mention the key information boldly that provokes the customer to grab your product to know more details about it. 

In simple words, the custom POP display provides an excellent platform for manufacturers to interact with the people to educate them about it.

Better Marketing Using Point Of Purchase Displays

The point of purchase refers to the place where three components come together and they are consumer, money, and the product. 

By making use of various interacting vehicles, including the POP displays to highlight promotions, sales, advertising, the retailer hopes to affect the customer’s buying decision.

As many interacting vehicles are available and effecting POP displays can aid in winning retailer’s acceptance, manufacturers must manage their POP displays attentively so to ensure that both retailers and customers will see stability and cooperation in the POP displays and not the uncertainty.

Why Have Custom POP Displays Become Important?

Why Have Custom POP Displays Become Important

There are three main reasons that the expenditure of a custom point of purchase displays is of increasing importance to brands. 

Firstly, they earn more productivity than when the spending is on promotions or advertising. 

Secondly, when there is a decrease in sales in the store, this provokes retailers to go for brands’ point of purchase displays. 

Thirdly, point of purchase displays has played a vital role in changing customers’ shopping patterns, their decisions, and assumptions, and also helps in raising impulse buying.

For these reasons, retailers have become more open to brands’ proposals of point of purchase displays. 

Even K mart stores now allow them to create POP  displays. 

Therefore, retailers will not reject the idea of point of purchase displays when their usage is at its peak.

Benefits Of Effective Custom Point Of Purchase Displays

retail displays

Let’s have a look at some of the topmost benefits of point of purchase displays:

Custom point of purchase displays spotlight your products in a way that prevents ‘ analysis paralysis,’ which refers to a feeling that a customer gets when they have massive options. 

They cannot decide what to choose, but your POP display attracts them.

POP displays provide more exposure to your product, which increases the chance that the customer will prefer your product over others.

POP displays are versatile and provide you many shapes and sizes to choose from.

Several types of POP displays can be recycled and assembled into another after use because of the material they are made of.

Brands can customize them, and they are eye-catchy that the typical store shelves are not. 

There is unlimited creativity as you have many options.

Customers skim down the aisle to look for particularly one thing. 

Just a packed product, despite how appealing or catchy it is, is too small to create an impression on a customer. 

This is where your custom POP display helps. 

By using large mediums such as banners or cardboards with your product increase the chance that the customer will notice your product. In other words, it catches the customer’s eye.

Your brand offers an amazing product, and you want to convey its details to many people. 

It is impossible to mention all that you have to say onto a small box. 

Go for custom point of purchase displays. 

Not just it makes your product easier to spot but also provides you a way to convey your information in a creative way that your product offers. 

Thus you can provide extra information about your product that would not fit onto the packaging or simply provide supplements to your packaging.

Custom point od displays are either free-standing or in a form of attachments that can attach to the ends of shelves. 

This provides greater flexibility to you and to the retailer as to where to place your product. 

No need to squeeze your product on the corner or somewhere in the bottom; instead, it can be placed right in the center of the store. This provides an opportunity to place your product with the complementary product that it may be used with.

Every brand wants its products to merchandise virtually at retail. 

It depends on how better your retailer understands your product, and the time and space they give to each brand they want to promote. 

Custom point of purchase displays with your product conveys the idea that how you would like your brand to be advertised in the store, saving troubles that could have occurred without the custom POP displays. In other words, it helps your retailer merchandise your products.

It is quite expensive to get your brand an advertisement on the media platform. 

Custom point of purchase displays provides a platform to say all that you have told in any media platform like magazines at a low cost. 

You just have to fit the ads or messages on the cardboards or poster display. Also, it is easier to target the audience who can be instantly affected by your advertisement. 

In simple words, it is more cost-effective.

When the customer enters the store intending to buy products, then it becomes easy to attract the customers. 

This is done by your custom point of purchase displays. An eye-catchy POP display most probably has an impact on the customer noticing it, and he would buy it right there. 

They might add something new to their shopping stuff. 

In most cases, purchases are unplanned, which means that clever or effective point of purchase displays can have an intense effect on your sales.

POP Displays Improves Communications Productivity

POP Displays Improves Communications Productivity

POP displays cannot replace with media advertising, nor are they as simple to control in the store. 

However, they can provoke and serve as a reminder for the customers about the promotional messages they have seen on social media or anywhere else. 

Let’s have a look at some ways to increase productivity using POP displays

Low Expenditure

If you apply for a television commercial, it will charge you approximately $4 to $7 for a 30 seconds commercial. 

On the other hand, the spending of a store POP display is roughly only 3 cents to 37 cents. 

This shows that POP displays are the cheapest way to promote your brand, and not forgetting that similar POP displays are seen again and again by customers. 

Moreover, many POP displays can be recycled.

Customer Focus

The point of purchase display’s main focus is on the customer and also provide aid in the trade. 

As they deliver the products from the shelves to the customers’ hands, custom POP display expenditures are often more productive.

Exactly Targets The Marketing

POP displays help in easy customization of the requirements of local business as a result of brands’ raising stress on region-wise marketing programs as well as on retail customer’s account management. Besides, specific customer segments can be accurately targeted.

Easy Evaluation

It is quite simple to provide the data of sales, which is required to evaluate the effect that POP displays have created using check out scanner systems. 

This benefits both brand and retailer. 

Also, it is cheap to present the POP display in the split samples within the store.

Push On The Decreasing Retail Sales

retail displays

Often customers get the impression that shop assistants are not very attentive and knowledgeable even though they have to look after many customers and product lines.

To decrease the expenditure while increasing opening hours, retailers are choosing less experienced and part-time shop assistants who are often uncommitted, do not know much about the product, and lack the potential to demonstrate its use.

Thus, shop assistants increasingly lack both talent and reliability. 

Effective custom point of purchase displays helps to overcome such weaknesses by letting the manufacturer keep control of the information conveyed to the customer at the last minute purchase decision. 

Brands that deliver the most eye-catchy, entertaining, educational,  and simple to use POP displays most probably win the acceptance of store management. 

Moreover, their products may also get more push from retail shop assistants as effective POP displays can improve their credibility and ease the selling work.

Altering Customer Expectations

These days Customers wait for special deals and sales before they could spend money on expensive items. 

As a result, customer desire for products like cosmetics and household goods changes more widely. 

Retailers are concerned about the POP display strategy that can productively attract customers while they are desperately waiting for sales.

Usually, customers try to get done with their shopping quickly and orderly, but, at the same time, the more they remain in the store, the more likely they are to buy, and that ultimately increases the chance that they will grab your product. 

Therefore, effective point of purchase displays provides helpful information and also make shopping more entertaining while excluding some of its frustration.

Enhance Customer Retention

Often, customers choose any product that they have been purchasing for years from different aisles. 

However, when there are POP displays on shelves, corridors, and cash counters, customers are more likely to stay in the store longer. 

It is a fantastic technique for the retailer to sell more products while at the same time receiving customer’s appreciation and customers know the worth of the product.

Also, well-established POP displays can help customers know about a brand as a better choice for them, and they will look for other products of a similar brand, which can be a plus point for the manufacturers.

Helps To Increases Impulse Buying

helps to increases impulse buying

Point of purchase displays can be placed on the cash counters or anywhere else to capture the attention of the customers. 

These counters greatly affect customers as they may get the impression that only the most commonly used items are displayed on them. 

Moreover, customers are in a rush to quickly get done with the scanning of the groceries and to take them to the car; this increases the chance that they will purchase these lastly placed products in a rush. 

Consequently, the customers tend to buy the products on these rows spontaneously without thinking much. 

Therefore, if the product is featured on these rows and the design is notable, it could raise impulse buying and sales.

Best Applications For Custom Point Of Purchase Displays

The point of purchase in the store is anywhere a customer communicates with a product, and the point of sale is where the transaction is likely to occur.

Custom POP displays allow more exposure to your products and make your brand stand out in the competition.

While planning for a POP display, keep in mind the audience, retailer, and POP display location.

Design your POP display according to your retail strategy to achieve the specific goal.

Tips For Point Of Purchase Display Tod Improve Retail Sales

tip for point of purchase display tod improve retail sales

To get the most of your custom POP displays, it should be creative, unique, and well-executed.

The best way to get customers’ attention is to present them with something that they are familiar with. 

You can do this by using pictures or people that suit the same characteristics as your target audience. 

For instance, If you sell clothes of middle-aged men, then try to include their pictures in your displays. 

Try doing something unique by designing your point of purchase displays that come in different shapes and sizes. 

For instance, many beverage brands design POP displays in the shape of a drinking bottle.

If there’s a big event or a national holiday, ensure that your custom POP displays are related to the event.

Try to add communicating elements to your POP display. 

This makes it convenient for customers to communicate with the display directly so they can learn details of your products and be more pushed to purchase them. 

Custom POP displays are mainly used to advertise and promote products, but you should also make use of them by educating customers. 

It helps a lot if you are displaying many products in one POP display. You need to point them in the right way, as the customer will have various choices, and they tend to get confused. 

Try organizing your POP displays with educational and informative content.

Demonstrations used in the store are an impressive way to display your products, but they require labor and are also costly. 

Moreover, not every product can not be demonstrated at the same time. 

Luckily, POP displays provide an opportunity to display or feature your products in animation without any worry or mess. 

By including videos in your POP  displays, you can gain people’s attention and display to them how your product functions.

You can use your POP displays to make people test your products right there.

Try to make your POP displays stand out with the correct material and lighting. 

By now, we know it is vital to make your POP displays attractive and engaging; this makes it easy for customers to find your product and ultimately buy it. 

Use fluorescent colors, glitters, backlit graphics, underlit counters, and holographic textures to make your POP displays impressive.

Your POP displays must be neat and fully stocked. 

Every week, announcing sales and changing products position to spotlight a new collection or more famous items will surely increase your sales. In simple words, frequently switch up your POP displays.

Keep track of your performance, so you can keep improving them.


retail displays

Custom point of purchase displays is key to improve your sales and performance at retail within your budget. 

Follow the tips and the ideas mentioned in this article to fully dominate the aisle shelves.

The focus is to get the best POP display for the product or promotion. 

Moreover, creating unique graphics without messing up the display is essential. 

Make sure to highlight the message, so it is visible from far as well. And cover the areas where a particular POP display can be used.

Remember, the custom POP display is a cheap way to attract customers, and it is the most pleasing way to increase your sales, especially when you are starting a new brand. 

I hope this article has cleared your queries about POP displays.


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