Application scope and significance of display rack

Due to the rapid development of commercial products, the application of display racks has penetrated into all walks of life. There are many categories of display racks and their applications are more common, but they are mainly distinguished according to the display rack category. It can be roughly divided into two types: commercial (economic) and public welfare (humanity).

Trade shows of various scales, promotional activities, trade fairs, order fairs, new product launches, etc. can all be regarded as commercial display rack activities, and their display racks may have various manifestations. But the ultimate goal is to establish a corporate image and promote consumer behavior. Public welfare display racks include science museums, memorial halls, art galleries, museums, forest parks, nature reserves, etc. The main function of the display rack is to inherit human civilization, spread scientific knowledge, and promote cultural exchanges. There are also some display racks in specific places, such as commercial space (flagship stores, shopping malls, storefronts, supermarkets, stores, beauty salons) display racks, office space (library, office) display racks, home interior space display racks, etc.

To distinguish from the display rack area, it can be divided into super large display rack, large display rack, medium display rack and small display rack. From the classification, it can be divided into cultural display racks, commercial display racks, exhibition display racks, Expo display racks and various theme parks. This is also the most common classification method.

In terms of time, display racks can be divided into long-term and short-term or temporary and permanent. For its different time requirements, the materials, flexibility, and disassembly methods of the display rack must be considered.

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