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whether you are working within upper management’s budget guidelines or you’re a new start up with tight margins, we’re here for you. We work to create dynamic custom display units within your budget.

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Highly innovative,fresh display designs


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Advanced production

Since 2010 we’ve been in the POP display industry, and focus on custom-made display design and production. We’re particularly good at multi-material combination display.Let’s work together to make your business more successfully with lower cost.

Fresh Display Design

We have a strong and experienced design and engineering team. Our designers and engineers averagely have 6+ years’ experience in the industry, they’re not only good at operating the most advanced design software (SOLIDWORKS, 3D MAX, CAD, etc.),but also have know-how of real production.

Need advice on your next project ?

We help the world’s leading retailers and consumer products goods companies maximize point-of-sale impact and convert shoppers into buyers. 


Ready to see your vision come to life? Give me an inquiry and in about 30 minutes I can get enough details to get your designs started.

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